19 Days After Abruptly Shutting Down 10,000 Sq Ft Boston Store, Tom Brady Takes Special Measures “To Level Up” Namesake Business

It’s been one of the busiest offseasons for 7x Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. After 23 years of unprecedented quarterbacking success, Brady is working tirelessly off the field ever since retiring. And most of it has been for his investment and business ventures. After a significant setback earlier this month, Brady achieved a fresh milestone for his TB12 fitness and health empire.

Less than a month after shutting down a 10,000 square feet store in Boston, Tom Terrific and his company TB12 Sports teamed up with another NFL legend and his fitness initiative. And the message from Brady remains the same. Only this time 6x Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall is on board as well.
Tom Brady and TB12 Sports team up with Marshall’s HOA

Tom Brady found TB12 Sports with his longtime body coach Alex Guerrero. The brand follows the TB12 Method of performance and active recovery- a tried and tested health and fitness routine that Brady himself followed for his two-decade-long playing career. Brady recently announced a collaboration of TB12 Sports with Brandon Marshall’s athletic lifestyle brand, House Of Athlete, which specializes in mental and physical fitness.

This will see the confluence of the personalized training approach and methods inspired by the two NFL greats. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete. It’s time to level up,” Brady and Marshall said in the Instagram announcement video.

As part of this new collaboration, TB12 Sports added two new location outposts in the HOA facilities of Weston and Tampa in Florida.

HOA’s contributions have been monumental in training athletes for the 2023 NFL Combine and Pre-Draft training. The services aren’t limited to the NFL. MLB athletes will also train in the two facilities in preparation for spring training with this new collaboration. This includes access to the newest addition to the program- TB12 ‘Body Coach’ services.
This should fix the Boston store shutdown damage for TB12

Three years after opening up the TB12 Performance and Recovery Center in Boston, the mammoth facility closed its operations this month. The official website delisted the Boylston Street outlet. However, TB12 Sports still maps 10 more locations, adding 2 more in Florida now with the House of Athlete collaboration.

“As we expand TB12 into new markets, we are thrilled to be partnering with House of Athlete to make our services more accessible,” TB12 CEO, Grant Shriver said.

From stepping up his fitness brand to becoming a minority owner in Las Vegas’ NFL and WNBA franchises, the former NE Patriots QB1 is doing it all after hanging up his cleats. What’s next in line for the 15x Pro Bowler?


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