$255 Million Man Jalen Hurts Set to Follow Patrick Mahomes Tax Shoes to Enter NFL’s $100 Million Elite Club

$255 Million Man Jalen Hurts Set to Follow Patrick Mahomes Tax Shoes to Enter NFL’s $100 Million Elite Club

The NFL saw its history being rewritten recently. Philadelphia Eagles extended their contract with their QB Jalen Hurts, making him the highest-paid player in NFL history. Hurts signed a 5-year $255 million deal with the Eagles, which includes a signing bonus of $23,294,000 and $179.3 million in guaranteed money. With a contract that gives a big payout, Hurts might be following 2X Super Bowl winner Patrick Mahomes when it comes to paying taxes.

While Patrick Mahomes might become the NFL’s first $200 million taxpayer, Jalen Hurts is in line to join the $100 million elite tax club.

Is Jalen Hurts to pay over $100 million in taxes?

With his new contract in place, Hurts will be earning over $255 million over a span of five years. This means that he will be with the Eagles up until 2028, with a no-trade clause in place as well. But while he might be the highest-paid NFL player at the moment, he will be losing over $100 million in the name of taxes. And one of the primary reasons why he may lose such an amount is because of the famous Jock Tax.
If one breaks down Hurts’ earnings, he is set to earn around $4 million monthly. This means that Hurts will be earning around $151,000 daily. That is a lot of money coming in for the player. But because of income tax and also the Jock tax, it will take away a massive chunk of the money from the QB. It means that the player will be paying around $20 million in taxes every year.

While Hurts might be entering the $100 million club, his rival, and Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, is on his way to being the first person in the NFL to join the $200 million tax club.

A similar road ahead for both the QBs

Likes Hurts, Mahomes had also signed a lucrative deal with the Chiefs that keep him on the team for 10 years. Mahomes had signed a 10-year $500 million worth deal, with an annual salary of around $50.3 million. But even he loses around $20.9 million every year in the name of taxes taken by the state, FICA, income tax, and the Jock tax. Given his 10-year deal, it means that Mahomes will be paying around $200 million in taxes over the years.

Despite both quarterbacks earning a ludicrous amount as footballers, it seems like they will only be enjoying half of the privileges lined up for them in terms of earnings.


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