After Copying Payment Style, Patrick Mahomes Digs for Tom Brady’s Secrets After Gaining Insider from Enemy Territory

For nearly two decades, Tom Brady stood firmly atop the throne of the best player in the NFL. With Brady’s gradual decline with age over the last 2 years of his career, and his eventual retirement earlier this year, the throne was finally up for grabs. And, his successor, Patrick Mahomes, has been waiting in the shadows to lay claim to the throne and become the brand-new face of the league.

Mahomes has become a direct disciple of Brady’s, as his position as the best player in the league has been cemented for quite some time. From his team-friendly contracts to the dynastic winning pattern, Mahomes is a perfect successor to Brady, following in the footsteps that the GOAT laid down two decades ago. But he now looks to take his picture-perfect imitation of Brady one step further, by getting inside the mind of Brady and the secrets it held, from his latest insider.
Patrick Mahomes seeks out Tom Brady’s secrets from the latest team insider

After Chiefs QB Chad Henne announced his retirement from the league following their Super Bowl victory, the team has been on the lookout for a new backup behind Patrick Mahomes. Earlier this week, the Chiefs completed the acquisition of former top-10 pick, and 11-year journeyman, Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert spent his last three seasons with the Buccaneers as the backup QB to the transcendent Brady.

But with his move to the Chiefs, the latest addition to the team’s QB room will provide Mahomes with an insider look into the mind and workings of Tom Brady.

“He was just backing up Tom, so I’m asking for any advice he can give me because if you’re learning from that guy, you’re learning from the right guy,” Mahomes said of the signing.

Having served under the 7-time Super Bowl Champion, Gabbert knows the ins and outs of how Brady operated and will provide crucial insight to the reigning league MVP.
Mahomes follows Brady’s ultimate winning mentality

Put all the talent and the intellect involved in the game of two of the best passing talents that the world of football has ever produced, aside. What set Tom Brady apart from the rest of the field was his mentality. The QB did whatever he could do to aid his team to a win, be it on the field, or off it. For years, Brady worked out team-friendly deals with the Patriots to ensure that the team had the flexibility to put winning talent alongside Brady. And that’s exactly what he ended up doing. Winning. Not 1, not 2, but 6 Super Bowls with the Patriots.

If we needed any further proof about Mahomes following in Brady’s footsteps, look no further than the current contract he is signed to. As a 2-time MVP and Champion, it’s hard to believe that Mahomes is just the sixth highest-paid QB in the league this season. Even with a chance to renegotiate his deal, Mahomes has expressed his focus on winning over money.

This ultimate winning mentality from Mahomes is what has always set him apart from the field, and that, right there, is the Brady Mentality—the mentality of someone seeking to become the GOAT.


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