“Be grateful Patty hasn’t divorced you yet” – Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany trolled by fans over Call of Duty game time during Chiefs’ bye week

“Be grateful Patty hasn’t divorced you yet” – Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany trolled by fans over Call of Duty game time during Chiefs’ bye week.
Looks like Patrick Mahomes has some pretty solid plans for the Kansas City Chiefs’ bye week. The QB was particularly excited about the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, gearing up for some fun with his teammates. The bye week, apparently, is just an added bonus.

The 27-year-old NFL star tagged Mecole Hardman Jr., Travis Kelce, Juan Manuel Márquez, and JuJu Smith-Schuster. By the looks of it, the team of five are geared up for some serious gaming this coming week.

Some fans who completely related to Mahomes’ love for the game, are also excited about the arrival of the new version of Call of Duty.

His wife Brittany, however, seemed well aware of how long it would take for them to play the new game. In response to Mahomes’ tweet, Brittany replied with a simple ‘bye’ of her own.


Brittany Mahomes

Considering it is also a bye week for the Chiefs, Brittany’s bye seems like some permission for Mahomes to go and play. Of course, she probably meant goodbye while also hinting at the bye week.


@BrittanyLynne @PatrickMahomes @MVS__11 @TeamJuJu @tkelce @MecoleHardman4 be grateful patty hasn’t divorced you yet 🤣🤣

Fans, however, called Brittany out for replying to Patrick Mahomes. Some wanted her to stop replying, wondering if her response was actually needed.

Certain users have found Brittany problematic, a result of multiple controversies over the years. However, most of them are probably just being a little light-hearted.


Hendrix Cobb
A Kings Fan Thats Down Bad
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@BrittanyLynne @PatrickMahomes @MVS__11 @TeamJuJu @tkelce @MecoleHardman4 Let the man have his fun with the boys . @PatrickMahomes I’ll see you on the battlefield Sarg 🫡
David Hedgefundstein
@BrittanyLynne @PatrickMahomes @MVS__11 @TeamJuJu @tkelce @MecoleHardman4 Why she verified? Like what does she do?

Can Patrick Mahomes afford to take a week off?

The Chiefs have started their season with a 5-2 record. They last played against the San Francisco 49ers, beating them 44-23.

With Patrick Mahomes having a good season, the Chiefs have a good chance of making it to another Super Bowl. Mahomes already has one ring, and is actively trying to win another.

Furthermore, this might just be one of Mahomes’ most special NFL seasons. The star QB is expecting another child with Brittany sometime midseason. Coupled with some great performances and another Super Bowl chance, the Chiefs quarterback could end this season on a high note.

Brittany announced recently that they were on their last vacation as a family of three. This implies that the birth of their next child is not far away now. Their oldest daughter Sterling is almost one.

Brittany shared stunning photos of themselves from the beach, clearly excited (and maybe a little teary eyed) over the new addition to their little world.

Meanwhile, as the season continues, one can only expect Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to perform better.


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