Brittany Mahomes highlights Sterling and Bronze’s special bond in latest update

Brittany Mahomes has used her social media platform to give fans a look inside her family life and has done so once again. She took to her Instagram stories to share the relationship between her two children, Sterling and Bronze.

Sterling is the oldest of Brittany’s and Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes’ kids, who turned two years old last month. Bronze was born last November and is three months old.

One of the photos shown by the fitness entrepreneur see the two young siblings wearing matching sunglasses. The other photos have both taking some quiet time down together on the floor.

This year, Brittany Mahomes took both of her children to see their dad play in Super Bowl 57 in Arizona last month. She told USA Today of the work needed to pack for them and the struggles of doing so.

Brittany said:

“The biggest challenge was packing all their stuff and making sure we had everything we needed for them for a week. Two kids is a lot of luggage and so stressful, making sure you don’t forget anything.”

When the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes celebrated the moment with Sterling on the field :

Despite Bronze not being on the field with his older sister, he was there when the Mahomes family visited Disneyland.

For Brittany, seeing her two children bond as they do must be a joy to watch as she’s there to capture it all. The two-time Super Bowl MVP was asked last month if he wants to have more children with Brittany.

Will Brittany Mahomes become a mother again soon?
On the First Class Fatherhood podcast, the Kansas City signal-caller was asked if wanted to have more kids. The Chiefs QB said that two children are enough at the moment and that he wants them to “grow” before he and Brittany consider any more.

Mahomes said:

“I got a girl and a boy and I’m 27, and I’m going to let these kids grow up. It’s hard when you get home after a long day at work and you got the baby in one arm or a baby in the other arm at all times.

The quarterback also spoke about the job Brittany Mahomes is doing as a mother in the interview.

Mahomes added:

“Brittany has helped out a ton being a champion mom, and so it’s been a lot of fun and to be able to come home every single day and see her and how energized she is and how she’s changing and growing already. I’m just trying to tell her to slow down so I can enjoy every minute of it.”
While baby number three isn’t on the way, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are fine with the two amazing joys they have now.


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