IN PICTURES: Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany celebrates with adorable photos as Bronze turns 5 months old-My Big Boy

As her baby boy grows older, Brittany Mahomes is sharing more and more about her nearly 5-month-old son. In fact, she recently divulged the special night Patrick III, whom she and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback husband Patrick Mahomes II have nicknamed “Bronze,” was conceived. The former professional soccer player also shared her son’s birth story, […]

NFL star Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany have opened up about the harrowing experience which was the birth of their second child, Bronze.

The couple have got a daughter named Sterling and they recently welcomed their son Bronze into the world. The birth of Bronze was not without incident though.

She started by explaining what the birth process was like for the older child, Sterling.

“Sterling (trying to remember) … Got induced at 39 weeks 4 Days. … Dr. Broke my water & started my pitocin @9am. … Got my epidural @3pm. …Was ready to push by 7pm … Push for 20min, and she was here,” Brittany said.

The birth of Bronze
Naturally, she then moved on to talk about the birth of her second child. This was not as routine a procedure and one that could have ended in tragic circumstances.

Bronze. … Got induced at 39 weeks 3 days. … Water partially broke that morning anyways. … By 12pm Dr. fully broke the rest of my water was already dilated to a 4 & started pitocin. … Got the epidural at 1:30ish. … Started pushing at 5pm. … Pushed for 7 min, and he was here. … His cord was wrapped around his neck 2 times, and thankfully didn’t effect anything, and he was fine,” she said.

Amid further questioning, she revealed that Bronze was not a planned pregnancy and he was actually conceived on their wedding night. Other details included the fact that Sterling is becoming a ‘daddy’s girl’.


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