Can’t Believe this:Simone went viral emotional about IG fans reactions and comments to her…….

After a year of planning their big day, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens finally walked down the aisle in white, on 22nd April. The elegant ceremony marked the beginning of a new phase of their lives. Post the wedding, the gymnast legend took the opportunity to conduct another AMA session on Instagram, allowing fans to pour out their insights.
Fans jumped at the opportunity, and left no corner unexplored as to what Biles’s future plans are. Post the courthouse ceremony, the next stop, is a destination wedding. This led a fan to conjecture over the official date of her wedding anniversary. Biles shared an elaborate answer to the query, and in tandem, revealed the first thing she chose to do after her wedding.

The 26-year-old Olympia shared an overwhelming number of stories presenting the fans’ questions. One particular query asked, “What will be your anniversary! The date of this ceremony or the destination one?” With a direct answer, she wrote, “I think we’ll count anniversary as destination one.”

However, Biles also shared that they plan to celebrate both dates over time since both hold a special memory in their lives. Besides that, the champion disclosed an unheard fact about herself. She shared, “I’m usually good at remembering things but I am horrified about forgetting one… “

A fan enquired if the vows were written by herself. The athlete disclosed the actual ones are saved for the grand ceremony. “Idk how I’m supposed to get through it. I was so teary & choked up at the courthouse ceremony & it was just the basic vows,” she responded. The beautiful Biles-Owens courthouse ceremony pictures recently took over the internet and the sports community is still gushing over them.


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