Celine Dion’s life of luxury and how she spends her fortune

There are a few things that Canada is famous for. However, maple syrup and politeness pale in comparison to the country’s biggest musical export, Celine Dion. For four decades, the singer has been releasing one hit album after another, and that success has earned her quite the fortune. Where does all that money go, though?


Impacting the industry
The music industry wouldn’t be the same without Celine Dion in it. Although the singer might not light up the charts like she used to, she’s still responsible for some of the biggest hits the world has ever seen.


She was a dominant force in the ‘90s and ‘00s, and her contributions to music will always be cherished. We doubt that the singer herself will ever forget them given how much money they’ve earned her.


She’s sold millions
Whether you’ve watched the epic romance-disaster film Titanic or not, you’ve probably heard the song ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ That was just one of several Dion singles to peak at number one, with its sales now standing at over 2 million in the US alone.


The song was taken from her album ‘Let’s Talk About Love,’ a record that’s shifted around 31 million copies since 1997. Surprisingly, it’s not actually her best-selling effort, with 1996’s ‘Falling Into You’ narrowly beating it with worldwide sales of 32 million.


Money from the music
Throughout her career, six of Celine’s studio albums have sold more than 10 million copies, while over a dozen have breached the one million barrier. Her total sales are now estimated to be at around 250 million, making Dion one of the biggest selling artists in music history.


It’s no wonder that the singer is worth a fortune with sales like that. Of course, it’s not just her records that have helped Celine make a lot of money. The 16 years she spent in Vegas also earned her big bucks.


It pays to play Vegas
After completing her latest residency in Sin City, Billboard reported that Dion had earned a whopping $681 million since her first show in 2003. She’d sold an incredible 4.5 million tickets across those 16 years, establishing Celine as Vegas’ most successful performer.


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