Days After Simone Biles’ Confession, Jonathan Owens Also Makes a Heartfelt Confession: “Take Us Back”

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’s wedding ceremony in Mexico was beautiful and exactly what the couple had dreamed of. After this destination wedding, Biles admitted being sorrowful that the wedding was over as she and Owens had enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Recently, Owens also made a heartfelt confession about the wedding in an Instagram post.

The NFL star shared a series of some of the best moments of this destination wedding in Cabo. Owens showcased pictures where he held Biles in his arms and enjoyed the breathtaking views from their wedding location. Further, he expressed his disbelief that a week had already passed since they got married on 6th May 2023 and nostalgically made a strong request.
Jonathan Owens displays magical moments and makes an honest admission


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The NFL star posted pictures with Biles’s parents Nellie Biles and Ronald Biles. He also showcased a memorable picture where he, Biles, and his mother Arthurine Cannon posed at the welcome party together. Owens captioned this post, “Can’t believe that it’s been a week, take us back.”

Owens also posted a special moment with his acquaintances Mikala McGhee, La Valle Warren, and Darrian Bass. While McGhee is a media personality and was Miss Missouri US 2022, Warren is a media marketing consultant. Darrian Bass on the other hand is a technology specialist in Missouri, America.


Clearly, the power couple had a blast at their wedding. Earlier, Owens also shared a short video clip of the most memorable wedding highlights on 9th May. This video was shot by Tony Pumbo and displayed some of the best moments of the wedding. This included moments of the welcome party, Biles’s enjoying with her bridesmaids, Owens’s romantic moments with Biles, the wedding night and the wedding ceremony.


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Jonathan Owens displays a memorable video of the destination wedding

This video showed Owens kissing Biles on her forehead, walking with Biles, holding her hand, and getting emotional when he sees her on the wedding day. It also exhibited the unforgettable moment when both Owens and Biles said their wedding vows. In the video, Biles can be seen in the gorgeous Galia Lahav gown, ready for the wedding ceremony.

The video also captures Biles walking to the aisle with her father, flaunting her ring and telling Owens, “I’m so happy that I get to love you forever.” It also depicts Biles posing with her bridesmaids and dancing with Owens.


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Owens and Biles’s admissions are proof of how the beginning of their new journey together has been amazing and memorable. What are your thoughts about Biles and Owens’s dream destination wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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