“Divorce in 3 years”- Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany’s attempt to troll the ….


Following the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs’ over the Cincinnati Bengals, Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany attempted to take shots at the losing side, however, her tweet did not sit well with fans.

The NFL’s Divisional round has finally come to an end. There is just one more game to go this year, and it happens to be the one that fans have all been eagerly waiting for! The Super Bowl.

The AFC Championship was as exciting a game as it could have been with two of the youngest and best quarterbacks going at it against one another. The game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals is one that had us on the edge of our seats as Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow are QBs who have the potential to turn the game around at any given moment.


Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs won the battle and stamped their ticket to the Super Bowl. In all honesty, it was the events that took place after the game that may have been more entertaining to watch than the game. Travis Kelce‘s postgame speech in the middle of Arrowhead Stadium was one that fans will never forget for years to come. Fans got to witness a side of the tight end that they seldom do.

It was not just Kelce, Brittany Mahomes, the wife of quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been known to support her husband and his team in every game. She takes these victories and losses seriously. Some may think that she is a part of the Chiefs’ roster after watching her reactions to the games. The case was similar yesterday as well, with Brittany taunting the Bengals’ cornerback Eli Apple with her tweet.

Twitterati was not laughing at Brittany Mahomes’ tweet following the game:

Eli Apple has been known to voice his feelings out. Following the Bengals’ victory over the Buffalo Bills, he tweeted “Cancun on 3” to wideout Stefon Diggs. He was taking shots at him by suggesting that the wideout could get on an early vacation and watch the Bengals play further in the playoffs. Well, following the loss against the Chiefs’, Brittany repaid the favor by tweeting the exact phrase. While it was hilarious, many fans called her out for this tweet and were not appreciative of her taking shots at the corner. Take a look.

You know it’s bad when the home team fans would rather you not root for them.

While Brittany Mahomes tweeting stuff after the Chiefs’ games is nothing new, it does appear to be getting a little out of hand. It does seem justified that she may have been excited in the moment and happy for Patrick, but for some reason, fans are not happy with her anymore. What do you think? Was this tweet offensive and did Brittany overstep her bounds with it?


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