Fans Favourites:Simone Biles penned down a special note on Baby Biles’s birth

Last year, around Thanksgiving, Simone Biles and her family welcomed the youngest and most adorable member of the family, Ronni Louise Biles. The daughter of Biles’s brother, Ron, and sister-in-law Sammi Biles, became the apple of everyone’s eye the moment she was born on November 25. Since then, Aunt Simone has developed a special bond with her niece, who frequently features on her social media.

A few hours ago, Simone Biles took to her Snapchat, sharing an adorable glimpse of Baby Biles. The sheer charm of little Ronni lit up the frame for the photographer.
Simone Biles’s precious little niece is a fan favorite

In Biles’s recent Snapchat story, she shared a picture of Ronni Biles looking at her with her big eyes. The little one was in somebody else’s lap but her eyes were glued to her aunt, Simone. Moreover, Biles was the one capturing the story, so she was not visible. However, the story did catch a glimpse of the gymnast holding her niece’s hand.

Biles’s beautiful white-colored manicured nails were adorably seen holding her niece’s cute little palm. On the other hand, Baby Biles looked delightful in the story donning a yellow dress. The following story on Simone’s Snapchat captured a frame of only the aunt-niece duo holding hands

Biles has always looked forward to meeting her niece. However, during her wedding celebrations in Mexico, her brother, and his family could not arrive, due to his medical situation. So, as soon as Simone returned to Houston after her wedding, she reunited with her niece, sharing an adorable photo with her on Snapchat.

In fact, Biles showed the same excitement to meet her niece, as she did when she met Ronni for the first time.

Simone Biles penned down a special note on Baby Biles’s birth

The Biles family was over the moon when they first welcomed Ronni Biles last year. Sharing an adorable moment from the overwhelming occasion, Simone shared a picture of her holding Baby Biles in her lap. The overjoyed aunt penned down a special note for the precious one on Instagram, “my precious little niece made her debut friday. I’m so proud to be your TT & I’m excited to spoil you! 🎀👶🏽congrats to my brother @rbiles2 & sister in law @ivfbelieveinbabybiles”

Since then, the Olympic gymnast has frequently been spotted sharing special moments with Baby Biles.


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