“Forever Grateful”: Honoring Her Best Friend, Simone Biles Pens Down a Heartfelt Message

Simone Biles has always been invested to keep her community of friends and family close. Rachel Moore holds a special place in her life which Biles has celebrated time and again. In fact, Moore’s handwritten letter made a special appearance in the “Hellos from Home” commercial for Hersey’s chocolates when Biles was away from home for the Rio Olympics. From going to a Taylor Swift concert together and holidaying in Galveston, Texas, they have been inseparable.
Moore and Biles are sisters for life. Honoring the special bond that both have carefully nurtured for over a decade, Biles shared a special message for Moore on her birthday on Instagram.
Simone Biles sends her best wishes for Rachel Moore
The Olympics champion exhibited a picture where Moore, dressed as a bridesmaid, posed with her at her destination wedding. She captioned this Instagram Story, “Happy happy birthday to my best friend. May 26 be everything you want and more.” The gymnast also posted a picture of the day before the wedding ceremony where she was smiling, enjoying Moore’s company. She wrote beneath this post, “Thanks for being the sweetest, most thoughtful human I know….Forever grateful for our sisterhood.”

The post clearly depicts the fondness between Rachel and Biles who have always managed to stay in touch despite Biles leaving Bannon’s Gymnastix where they first met. Moore also helped Biles when she was shooting for the series Daring Simone Biles and congratulated the gymnast when the series was given an award by the NAACP. Earlier, Biles and Moore also featured together for a very popular brand.
Simone Biles and Rachel Moore collaborate for a special cause
The star gymnast and Moore twinned to promote the activewear brand, Athleta. Athleta partnered with Biles in 2021 and the star gymnast had been promoting Athleta’s collection ever since. An advertisement as a part of Athleta’s campaign saw Biles with all her loved ones like Nellie Biles, Adria Biles, Sammi Biles, her new gymnastics mentor Cecile Canqueteau-Landi along with NFL star Jonathan Owens.
Talking to the newsfeed POPSUGAR, Biles remarked, “I am where I am today because my community has supported me to be my best, most confident self on and off the mat.” She further added, “Athleta shares that value of community, and we had so much fun creating this ad that celebrates the importance of connection and support.”
"Forever Grateful”: Honoring Her Best Friend, Simone Biles Pens Down a Heartfelt Message

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Friends and family are everything to Biles. With Biles’s post on her BFF’s birthday, it is a testament to their unbreakable friendship which has stood the test of time.
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