Friend of Meghan Markle causes controversy during King Charles’ coronation with Princess Diana photo… WATCH VIDEO

Friend of Meghan Markle causes controversy during King Charles' coronation with Princess Diana photo... WATCH VIDEO

In the lead up to the coronation of King Charles III, there was no end of drama surrounding the royal family. To begin with, there were decisions to be made about the involvement of Prince Andrew.

Having been stripped of his royal titles after having to settle a sexual assault accusation out of court and becoming involved with convicted human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew was never likely to take central stage at the coronation.

He was not on the royal balcony after the coronation at Westminster Abbey, but neither was Prince Harry. He had flown to London from the USA with a very speedy visit planned. He was not accompanied by his wife, Meghan Markle.

This is because their son Archie was turning four on the same day as Saturday’s coronation. Markle also becomes the subject of pretty vile reporting by the UK tabloid press whenever she sets foot in the United Kingdom.

She managed to remain predominantly out of the headlines and when she was discussed, it was not due to any of her own actions. A friend of Markle’s named Misan Harriman has made headlines though, in a way that Markle may not appreciate.

A controversial Instagram post

The photographer, Harriman, decided to wish Prince Archie a happy birthday with an Instagram post. The picture that she chose, though, was one of a younger Archie reaching out and touching a photograph of Lady Diana, who was Charles’ first wife and was allegedly cheated on by the King.

“Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Archie,” Harriman wrote on the post. It is certainly not the action of someone who holds much respect for the new King.


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