Hate constant intrusion into our personal lives;’Brittany Mahomes reveals privacy concerns highlighted in Instagram Q&A’.

Patrick Mahomes the celebrated quarterback, and his wife Brittany Mahomes, the support behind the success, are undoubtedly the reigning power couple of the NFL.

However, with fame comes a constant glare of attention from over-eager fans, and it seems that the couple’s privacy is not something that they can take for granted.

Recently, Brittany took to Instagram to hold a Q&A session with her followers, and one of the recurring themes of the conversation was the couple’s desire for privacy.

Responding to a fan’s question about whether they had bodyguards, Brittany replied, “I trust nobody & this world is crazy!” It was a telling response that highlighted the couple’s concerns about their safety and the constant intrusion into their personal lives.

Another fan asked Brittany what happens when they are out in public, such as when they visit the zoo. Brittany’s response was a curt “LOL,” indicating that their privacy is often not respected in such situations. When asked what she wished people knew about her and her family, Brittany again emphasized the importance of privacy, saying, “… we truly don’t like attention & would like to just live our lives in peace & privacy.”

This is not the first time that Brittany has spoken out about the couple’s desire for privacy. In 2020, she had a similar Q&A session on Instagram, during which she was asked if they would ever do a house tour. Her response was unequivocal, saying, “Just for security purposes and privacy purposes.”

With Patrick’s success continuing to skyrocket, it is unlikely that the couple will find much privacy in the public eye. However, for real fans who respect their privacy, there is a message to be taken from Brittany’s words. As she has made clear, the couple values their privacy above all else, and it is something that they hope their fans will understand and respect.


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