Henry Winkler delivers open invitation for Brittany and Patrick Mahomes for ‘Barry’ season finale – “They are always welcome”

In a heartwarming display of fandom and hospitality, iconic actor Henry Winkler extended a special invitation to Brittany and Patrick Mahomes. He invited the power couple to join him for the highly-anticipated season finale of the hit HBO series ‘Barry’.

Known for his legendary portrayal of Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli on the beloved sitcom ‘Happy Days’, Winkler has long been a cherished figure in the entertainment industry.

While appearing on the Up and Adams Show, Winkler couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for the couple, expressing his desire to share a memorable television experience with them.

With a warm smile, he declared:

“If the Mahomes wanna come and watch the final episode with me in my living room, they are always welcome.”

Winkler’s portrayal of Gene Cousineau, a quirky acting coach, in the dark comedy ‘Barry’ has earned him critical acclaim and a whole new generation of fans.

The series, created by Bill Hader, centers around a hitman turned aspiring actor, played by Hader himself, and explores the complex world of show business with a blend of humor and drama.

As fans eagerly await the conclusion of ‘Barry’, one can’t help but imagine witnessing the three gathered around a television, engrossed in the final moments of the season.

Whether or not the Mahomes family accepts the invitation, Winkler’s gesture has definitely won the hearts of NFL fans everywhere.
Henry Winkler’s unexpected bromance with Patrick Mahomes came about thanks to Rich Eisen

Winkler seemingly has no ties to Kansas City, but the renowned actor couldn’t help but become a fan of Patrick Mahomes.

The 77-year-old first expressed his admiration for the Kansas City Chiefs QB during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show last year. Since then, the two have met, and have forged a strong friendship.

Eisen goes as far as to claim credit for bringing the iconic duo together. While talking to KMBC, he said:

“The fact I could put The Fonz with Patrick together is what one would call a career achievement.”

With Patrick happily enjoying the offseason, one shouldn’t be surprised to see the duo back together sometime soon.


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