“He’s the biggest disappointment”: Despite Years of Service to Dallas, Dak Prescott Standing Along Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts & Joe Burrow Irks Fans

One might pick Patrick Mahomes as the best quarterback in the NFL. Others might pick Jalen Hurts or even 39-year-old Aaron Rodgers. There are no wrong answers as all of these players have achieved remarkable feats in their careers as a quarterback. The amount of pressure it takes to master the ability to stay afoot while 11 players charge at you is unimaginable from behind the screens. But the fans always expect more. Dan Prescott has been under a lot of scrutiny lately and for the wrong reasons.

Prescott has been the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys only since 2016. The team hasn’t won a single NFC championship since 1995, so it might not just be a quarterback problem. But it looks like the fans won’t have it.
Dak standing beside Patrick Mahomes frustrates fans

NFL posted a picture collage of the best quarterbacks in the NFL with a caption that read, “Who’s taking the crown?” The picture posted on Instagram features Mahomes, Jalen, Burrow, Josh Allen, and 6 other quarterbacks, including Dak Prescott. The picture obviously highlights the best of the bests, but Prescott wasn’t a popular pick among the fans who commented on the post.

Dak might not be a popular pick, but he is still one of the fastest QB in the NFC division. He has been very loyal to the team and has grown exponentially from his rookie days. He has been very consistent in training and the Cowboys are trying to move things around him to build a team that can be a Super Bowl contender this season.

Did the fans give up hope?

Dak Prescott has a lot of changes to attend to for this season. His offensive team coordinator, Kellen Moore, was fired in the offseason. The role of his team’s head coach was also changed for the upcoming season. They have released numerous players on the team, replacing them with rookies and new players. There are a lot of moving parts and the team management is trying really hard to do it differently this year. But the fans are not happy at all with Prescott as they feel he hasn’t earned his place at the top.

One user by the name of @markkinglibra commented:

“We all know Dak doesn’t belong in Top 10.”

Some other users commented:

“They tried to sneak Dak in there.”

“Y’all Snuck in Dak.”

But there weren’t all negative comments. Some fans still have hope for this season. Some comments read,

“Dak had one bad year, but has been statistically great every year.”

“Here before the Dak banter, we winning it all btw.”

Dak has a lot of potential, and his dedication speaks volumes. Hopefully, this season will bring a different fate for the Cowboys. All the changes in the team are praised by experts and the future of the team looks bright.


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