“I don’t want to make a mistake so i kept quiet”The Kansas City Chiefs’Patrick Mahomes breaks silence on the big time rumors

The most remunerative contracts in the NFL are the quarterback contracts. We have witnessed the largest NFL deals emerge, and they consistently belonged to the quarterbacks. After the Super Bowl win in 2020, the Kansas City Chiefs extended their contract with their star quarterback to a 10-year extension worth $450 million. Right then and now it is the biggest deal made in NFL history, making Patrick Mahomes one of the highest-paid athletes in all the sports category.

Much hasn’t changed since then with the contract, sparking rumors and speculations. The Chiefs have had outstanding seasons in recent years, but they lag behind their competition in terms of quarterback earnings.
Patrick Mahomes does not hold the top spot anymore

Mahomes’ contract in 2020, which binds him to the team for a decade, was hugely criticized. And now after 3 years, Mahomes holds the seventh place in annual payout as a quarterback. His deal didn’t stop other teams from making a better offer to their quarterbacks. Lamar Jackson, quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, holds the top spot in earrings with $52 million annually. Also, Jalen Hurts recently surpassed Aaron Rodgers‘ $50.3 million annual payout to become the second-most-paid athlete in the NFL.

Mahomes will drop to ninth place in terms of annual earnings very soon when the contract extensions for Bengals QB Joe Burrow and Chargers QB Justin Herbert are finalized. He has not yet made any moves for a newly restructured deal, but he did make some comments about the contracts in a recent interview. Mahomes has strongly discouraged the idea of being the most-paid athlete. He also mentioned that he and his agent maintain constant communication with the team and closely monitor the latest trends in the industry. They clearly don’t want to make the same mistakes as Tom Brady.


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Mahomes’ team-oriented mindset


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Although Mahomes implied that he doesn’t intend to rush for a new deal, he certainly has the lines open for one. Brady once made a mistake in the past of playing for the Patriots for a less-than-average annual pay, but Mahomes will not repeat Brady’s mistake by hinting that he has open communication with the team. Also, he said that he wants the best for his team and himself. Mahomes also was an excellent sport in the interview. He made it clear that he doesn’t plan to jeopardize other players by demanding a better deal.


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Mahomes quoted that he worries about his legacy and winning more Super Bowls than money. He also said, “I’ve made enough money where I’ll be set for the rest of my life,” and added that making enough money and keeping other great players on the team helps the team perform better. To sum it up, Mahomes is happy with the deal but is open to discussing a new deal if it helps him and the team. Also, Mahomes was praised all over the internet after the interview for his great spirit for the game.


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