‘I Need to Put Y’all Into Something”: $503 Million Qb Patrick Mahomes Makes Huge Announcement Months After Winning Second Super Bowl

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is excited to share his love for all sports with his fans and promote an unbeatable offer. Breaking stereotypes, Mahomes reveals his passion for diverse sports and introduces T-Mobile’s groundbreaking offer exclusively for sports fans. Patrick has joined forces with telecommunications giant T-Mobile to revolutionize the sports streaming experience.

In May 2023, a groundbreaking partnership was forged between T-Mobile and Patrick Mahomes. T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, hinted at exciting perks for customers, highlighting their love for streaming and sports. But what lies beyond this enticing collaboration?
T-Mobile’s special offer: Patrick Mahomes as spokesperson

Having already bagged a $503 Million contract with the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes also owns parts of the Kansas City Royals baseball team and Sporting KC soccer team. Today, he’s advertising T-Mobile’s special offer on Twitter. Additionally, T-Mobile is giving away a free year of VIX Premium, which offers a selection of content. Even if someone is not a T-Mobile customer, they can switch to T-Mobile’s Go 5G+ plan and receive $200 towards any sports streaming service they prefer.

Patrick is working with T-Mobile to give sports fans a special package for streaming sports games. He loves sports and wants to watch every play. In the video, Patrick said, “Sports fans, listen up, I’ve partnered with T-Mobile and I need to put y’all onto something. People think I’m a one-sport guy, but I love it all. People think I’m a one sport guy, but I love it all.”

The big news was announced by Mahomes that T-Mobile now provides a combination of sports streaming services for free. T-Mobile has brought back MLB TV, which allows viewers to watch Major League Baseball games, and they also offer the MLS season pass on the Apple TV app for Major League Soccer matches. Lastly, he said, “Like, you know. That’s why T-Mobile is the place for sports fans.”

Patrick Mahomes joined T-Mobile as a partner in May 2023. T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert talks about the benefits of switching to T-Mobile. “T-Mobile customers love streaming and love sports, so naturally, we’re giving them more of what they love — the best of baseball with MLB.TV, our most popular perk, and a sports streaming app of their choice. On top of the free MLS Season Pass they already get,” Sievert said, according to a report.

“We always put customers in the driver’s seat, and now they can choose another sports app that matches their interests perfectly.”

In conclusion, he is an avid fan of baseball, soccer, and football. Patrick also promotes Oakley, Adidas, State Farm, and Head & Shoulders.


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