I Really need Her:Despite Making Two Babies & Winning as Many Super Bowls, Patrick Mahomes Still Needs Wife Brittany Mahomes’ Blessing to Do This!

Now that the OTAs have started, NFL athletes are returning to practice more often than not. It’s not like they tend to rest in the offseason. They train more and more to improve their craft. And Patrick Mahomes is no different. His habits are in tune with staying on the top. He has proven time and time again how dominant he is on the court. But besides football, he is highly invested in other sports as well.

The Kansas City Chiefs QB, along with his tight-end teammate, is often seen on the ground getting their game on. But on this special occasion, even the two times MVP needed a blessing from his wife.
Patrick Mahomes is locked and loaded to face the NBA opponents

Mahomes will face Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson with Travis Kelce by his side on the eighth installment of “The Match“. He has always been very fond of golf and now he gets to face the NBA stars on the field. Mahomes has been pretty busy in the offseason with golf. Whenever he gets a chance from his football training and hanging out with the family, he tries to get his golf on.

The match, Mahomes and Travis are training for takes place next month on June 29. They are equally passionate about the game, but Mahomes has already had an appearance in “The Match” before. He faced the star quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers with his teammate Josh Allen. It was a match between the quarterbacks and Mahomes didn’t have much luck, losing the match against Brady and Rodgers. Mahomes doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands with the training, but his wife, Brittany Mahomes, is supportive enough to let Mahomes practice with Travis.

Mahomes is definitely confident that he can win this match against the star NBA players. In an interview by “Inside the NBA” Mahomes seemed pretty hopeful for the upcoming game. He said, “I think we got our game in a good spot and I think we’re gonna come home with the trophy.” in the said interview with Shaq and others. Shaq also agreed with Patrick Mahomes on bringing home the trophy.

Travis Kelce and Klay Thompson will debut in this match, but Curry has already appeared in “The Match” before, just like Mahomes. Curry and Mahomes haven’t had luck in winning, but Curry is not to be messed up with on the golf course. He is also very passionate about the game and intends to bring his A-game to the Match.


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