Kim Kardashian said to Travis Kelce The best thing for Kelce would if he and everyone around him to just ignores Kramer and anything she has to say. If you’ve faced public, unjustified criticism, especially from someone who has their own agenda, it’s probably the best thing for you, too.

They said that Kelce was surprised by the criticism, has no idea who Kramer is, and does not have a drinking problem. The anonymous source pointed out that Kelce is “under a microscope,” and is photographed every time he takes a drink in public, or does pretty much anything else.

Did Kelce approve or even encourage this anonymous defense? We can’t know, but I’m going to guess that he didn’t. For one thing, it’s not his style–if he has something to say, he usually says it himself. Also, the fact that these sources only spoke to Page Six suggests this was a casual conversation with an established source, not some deliberate leak. In any case, the comments in defense of Kelce didn’t do him any good. By calling attention to Kramer’s accusation, they also called attention to the question of whether he drinks too much. And, of course, they fulfilled Kramer’s goal of raising her own profile at the same time.

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