King Charles Won’t Strip Harry of His Royal Title—It Was a Gift From Queen Elizabeth

King Charles Won’t Strip Harry of His Royal Title—It Was a Gift From Queen Elizabeth
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King Charles Won’t Strip Harry of His TitleMax Mumby/Indigo – Getty Images

The subject of Prince Harry’s Duke of Sussex title has gained renewed interest after King Charles III’s coronation.

Some have suggested Harry might have his title stripped away.

But a former butler to Charles suggests the monarch will let his son keep the title, since it was a gift from his mother.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s some tension between King Charles III and his second son and daughter-in-law, Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The rift was in the headlines again recently, when Harry attended his father’s coronation, but his wife and children stayed behind in L.A.
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Indeed, there’s even been speculation that Charles might choose to strip his son of his Duke of Sussex title over the drama. But The Daily Star has information from Grant Harrold, an ex-royal butler, that indicates that the new King won’t take such action, and for sentimental reasons.
diana princess of wales and prince charles with new born prince harry
Diana Princess of Wales and Prince Charles with new born Prince Harry, leave St.Mary’s Hospital on September 16, 1984 in Paddington, London.David Levenson – Getty Images

“King Charles will not strip royal titles away from Prince Harry as it would go against the gifts and wishes of the late Queen Elizabeth II,” The Daily Star notes, suggesting that since the title was a gift from Harry’s grandmother, Charles wouldn’t take it from him.

“Kings and Queens would historically strip royal titles for treason to the crown,” Harrold said. “I think Charles is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t when it comes to Harry.” Ultimately, Harrold concluded, “I think it’s best to just let sleeping dogs lie. At the moment, I think there’s not a real justified reason for him to strip Harry’s Duke of Sussex title.”

However, despite Harrold suggesting letting sleeping dogs lie, he certainly does have a suggestion should Charles really be hellbent on waking up some pups. “What he can strip quite easily is Harry’s [His Royal Highness], which was originally given to the children and grandchildren of the monarch. It would be quite unusual because he’s still the son of the King, but it is possible.”

Notably, Harry was not included in King Charles’s recent royal portrait. Neither was Prince Andrew, for the record, who weirdly hasn’t been the subject of nearly as much talk about him having his Duke of York title taken away despite the … you know … alleged crimes and all. Funny which things folks get mad about, huh?

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