Mahomes’ program, local group aim to inspire St. Joseph kids to give back

A local service organization is partnering with Patrick Mahomes’ foundation for the second year to encourage St. Joseph kids to participate in volunteering.

The Youth Volunteer Corps of St. Joseph is once again joining with the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation, which was founded in 2019, to inspire children to positively impact their communities through the Volunteer for 15 program.

Volunteer for 15 began on May 1 and will last until Aug. 31. The goal is to get young people to volunteer for at least 15 hours in the community. Those that pledge at least 15 hours of volunteer work in St. Joseph will have the opportunity to compete for various prizes.

Misty Coyle, program director for the Youth Alliance, said that last year, the chapter completed more than 3,000 volunteer hours. This year, the group is hoping to bring in even more volunteers from the ages of 11 to 18 in the St. Joseph community.

Coyle said with the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback being a role model to many young kids, it gets them motivated to help their communities.

“With Patrick Mahomes being a leader on the field, we definitely need to be leaders in our community,” Coyle said. “I think with Mahomes being so close and nearby, he is considered a hero in this area to a lot of the youth in this area. And I think with him asking, ‘Hey, I want your help, I want you to be out in the community with me,’ really inspires the kids to do that.”

Kids will have plenty of opportunities this summer through the St. Joseph Youth Alliance.

“We have eight weeks of programming, which is going to be great. We’re calling it our Summer Adventure Academy,” Coyle said. “There are approximately 300 hours scheduled.”

The programs in the academy range from baking to video editing.

Putting in hours for the community is also a goal for other members of the Coyle family.

Brooke Coyle is a current freshman at Benton High School and a proud participant in the Volunteer for 15 program. She also serves on the youth advisory board for the Youth Volunteer Corps, which is one of the many Youth Alliance programs.

Taking on a leadership role for other participants has been rewarding for her, and getting involved with the program has enhanced her fandom of the Chiefs, especially Mahomes.

“I think it’s really motivational and I really do like it,” Brooke Coyle said. “It’s a very good thing because it helps you do more in your community, outside of the program itself, it helps you expand and help the community more.”

Brooke Coyle said getting volunteer hours for high school is one reason she got into the program. But it also has helped her grow and pushes her to help make St. Joseph a better place for all.

“It’s a really great time and I definitely do recommend it for people who want to get out there, try something new,” Brooke Coyle said. “I feel like it’s a very great start to helping the community and I think they should definitely do it.”

There are 31 chapters from across the globe participating in this program, including three in Canada and one in Uganda. To learn more about the program visit or call (816)-232-0050.


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