Meet the Woman That Saved Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl Bound Season From Complete Destruction

Patrick Mahomes almost missed his shot at the Super Bowl this year. Owing to the turn of events, he got on Twitter to thank a relatively unknown contributor in the Chiefs‘ team. After winning the AFC championship match against the Bengals, Patrick Mahomes acknowledged Julie Frymyer for his performance that night. Frymyer is the assistant athletic trainer at Kansas City Chiefs.

The QB gave a memorable performance in spite of an injury that almost kept him out of the game. Mahomes sounded grateful in his post, “Julie WAS the reason i was the guy i was on the field today!” Following his tweet, NFL fans got to meet the woman that saved Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl-bound season from complete destruction.

Julie WAS the reason i was the guy i was on the field today! It takes everyone but she lead the charge all week!!! Now let’s get Super Bowl ready!!

— Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes) January 30, 2023


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Patrick Mahomes- Julie Frymyer: A Rapport built on trust and results

The Chiefs’ QB suffered an ankle injury during the first quarter of the Jaguars match. Consequently, his presence for the next match against the Bengals became an uncertainty. But the contributions made by Fyrmyer were a significant factor in the quick recovery of Patrick Mahomes. They quickly figured out a rehabilitation regime that put Mahomes’ recovery on the fast lane. He was able to turn up for the Bengals match and was instrumental in winning it. He worked through his injury to throw over 300 yards in the game, securing a spot in the Super Bowl championship.

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Mahomes and Frymyer are not new to the current situation. The assistant athletic trainer had already worked with Mahomes to recover from a toe injury two years back.

USA Today via Reuters

Julie Frymyer is touted as one of the most dependable professionals in the team. She has managed to prevent Mahomes’ season from crashing due to an injury at a critical juncture. However, apart from Mahomes, Frymyer has gained the confidence of other players in the team. Because has been able to handle the rehab of other players with a keen eye for their needs and the situation.
A look at Julie Frymyer


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Julie Frymyer, after finishing her doctorate, stepped into college football and never looked back. She started at Towson University, and her stint there ended in 2015 when she was brought in by the Princeton’s head athletic trainer, Charlie Thomson. Soon, her work ethic and commitment were noticed and lauded by her colleagues and the management. Charlie Thompson talking about her, said, “I stopped having to work basically because everyone wanted to see Julie.”

During the same time, QB, John Covett had won two best players of the season awards playing at Princeton. He played through a season carrying an injury and he thanked Frymyer for helping him manage his games successfully. He said. “Given all of the time we spent together during that season, it was a no-brainer. Julie put me in the best position possible to have success on the field that season.”


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Frymyer’s hiring by the Chiefs likely took root when Rick Burkholder joined the team. Coincidentally, Burkholder was one of the co-authors of a paper that Frymyer published during her doctorate. Their research was about fluid in-take and perspiration in college football and NFL players. So knowing her dedication, it must have been an easy call for Burkholder to bring in Frymyer to the Chiefs.

As sports fans, we are generally oblivious to the many of the unsung heroes who work behind the screens. They hardly get on the main page. But, not this time. If all goes well for Mahomes at the Super Bowl championship, Frymyer name would be etched permanently in the halls of NFL history and Mahomes’ life, if she has not done it already.


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