“My 6 Year Old Is Going to Freak!”: Days After Wedding, Simone Biles Leaves Gymnasts’ Moms in Frenzy With Huge Announcement

Cheers erupted every time Simone Biles entered the gymnastics arena and flaunted her gravity-defying prowess. However, in 2021, the Olympian astounded her fandom, when she decided to take a hiatus from her beloved sport. Now, it’s been a while since the queen of gymnastics stepped away from the beam. Nonetheless, from clinching four gold medals in the Olympics to standing atop the podium of World Championships, Biles remains a dominant force and an inspiration for many young enthusiasts.

Interestingly, she achieved all these momentous triumphs by performing some exceptional routines on the mat, all the while donning her GK Elite leotard. Therefore, to support the dreams of many young girls who idolize Biles, the gymnast joined forces with GK Elite to launch affordable leotards.
Simone Biles announces a lucrative collaboration

Recently, GK Elite, a global manufacturer of leotards, collaborated with Target to launch affordable gymnastics apparel for all age groups. Following this, as a brand ambassador of GK, the Olympian took to her Instagram to make the announcement. She penned, “I’ve been waiting for this one… My latest @gkelite x @target collection is here and I can’t wait to see you in it! #gkelite #ad #gkambassador”. The gymnast also flaunted the new patterns and color options of the leotards in the video.

Following this, mothers of many young enthusiasts went into a frenzy and applauded Biles for the great news.

Moms of little gymnasts go gaga over Biles’ recent announcement

Praising Biles for collaborating with Target, many moms expressed their elation and penned…

“Omgosh my 6 year old is going to freak!! She’s obsessed w you. She’s always watching your YouTube videos, when you guys got married I had showed her your Instagram pictures. She’s going to be so excited when I show her this. way to go”

“Oh I’m buying it for my 9yo she will be so happy!!!”

“Omg I’m so excited my daughter will definitely be getting one for gymnastics”

Commendations like, “Omg I love the colors. I would love to be an ambassador for your wonderful line. Off to Target I go”, “having quality gym leos at target feels like such a huge step for access to the sport!”, and “Adorable! I love the colors!” herded the comment section.

Some fans even wished to have access to GK leotards in their countries as well. One wrote, “Oh how I wish this was available in my country, my two wee gymnasts would love these!“, while another asked, “I love them….can it be shipped in sa“.

Clearly, with the huge announcement, the gymnast took all the social media brownie points. Now, with the easy availability of Biles’ favorite leotards in Target stores, it’s become easier for gymnastic enthusiasts to get their much loved apparel for themselves.


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