Oh shhhhhhhh…….”: Brittany Mahomes’ Adorable Daughter Sterling is Disappointed” With Her Mother Brittany’s Videotaping Obsession

Family man Patrick Mahomes, who recently won his second Super Bowl title in just 6 seasons, has been blessed with two wonderful kids. While his 3-month-old son Patrick Lavon Mahomes III hasn’t faced the camera lens too often till now, that’s certainly not the case with his daughter Sterling Skye.

Patrick and Brittany’s adorable 2-year-old daughter was actually the highlight of the star couple’s grand wedding last year. Moreover, Brittany keeps on recording Sterling’s cute little shenanigans which are absolutely loved by the fans.

Sterling Skye Mahomes wants her mom to stop video-recording her
Most recently, Brittany posted a series of videos in which Sterling was trying to look away from the camera in a quest to stop her mom from recording her. “You pick out your outfit today,” Brittany was heard saying in the video but before she could say anything more, little Sterling yelled, “no, nooooo.”.

Looking at her daughter’s adorable reaction, Brittany laughed and claimed, “oh, I can’t video you?” Mrs. Mahomes then went on to ask Sterling about her fashion statement by saying, “look at those socks” and this time, the little one’s only response was a long yessss.

Brittany Mahomes & the infamous champagne spill
Brittany Mahomes often faces a lot of heat online for not holding back when it comes to expressing exactly what she thinks. While Brittany wasn’t able to attend a lot of games during the 2022 season as she was pregnant, her fiery takes on Twitter whenever something was said about her husband kept her in the limelight.

However, Brittany does tend to go a bit overboard sometimes while attending games. At one instance, Mrs. Mahomes had showered cold champagne on the crowd while celebrating her husband’s victory. This didn’t go down with a lot of people as it was a super cold day and not many like to walk back home in cold weather after getting a champagne shower.

However, one has to admit that Brittany’s reactions have now toned down. Still, she ends up getting trolled on Twitter and Instagram for basically everything she says or posts. How long will this continue? Only time will tell.


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