Paige Spiranac’s traumatic divorce: Who is Steven Tinoco, her ex-husband?

Many fans of the hottest woman alive didn’t know thatPaige Spiranacwas married in the past.

During a question and answer section on her Playing a Round podcast, Spiranac revealed she tied the knot with the athletic trainer Steven Tinoco.

“As you guys know, I am divorced,” Paige Spiranac said. “I wasn’t married for very long.”

However, what happened with Paige Spiranac and her relationship?

The marriage between Paige Spiranac and Steven Tinoco
Paige Spiranac and Steven Tinoco married in 2018.

In the beginning, Tinoco was supportive of Spiranac’s modeling and golfing career.

Nevertheless, when she divorced, she didn’t want to know anything about love, at least for a time.

“I wasn’t married for very long, and I think that when I initially got divorced, I said I will never get married ever again,” Spiranac revealed during her Play a Round podcast.

Paige Spiranac met Steven Tinoco at the beginning of her career. The golfer kept her marriage a secret. She never wanted to show any details of her marriage to her fans.

“I think before, I kept my private life so private. I definitely want to do that again,” Spiranac mentioned during her podcast. “But I almost felt like I was hiding it in a way, and I don’t want to do that again.”

Spiranac wants to love again and get married
Paige Spiranac also revealed that she’d like to marry again. She understood the mistakes and her divorce trauma.

Now, the golfer is ready to reset her love life, because she believes ” in love marriage and soulmates.”

“I’m recently divorced, and um yeah, just kind of getting a fresh start, and I’m excited about it,” Spiranac said.

“I believe in love, and I don’t want to have one not great experience ruin a great experience moving forward,” Paige Spiranac shared with her fans.

“So, I’d be much smarter about it this time and not rush the process, but really enjoy everything there is to like planning the wedding.”


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