Patrick Mahomes’ Beautiful Wife Posts Four-Word Warning for Social Media Critics and Haters “Be nice or leave”:

Before Patrick Mahomes Dream Wedding, Brittany Mahomes Narrated How She Shut Down Hate Comments: “Just Don’t…”

Patrick Mahomes’ Beautiful Wife Posts Four-Word Warning for Social Media Critics and Haters “Be nice or leave”:

Patrick Mahomes fan favorite to become the next NFL GOAT after Tom Brady. He is among the league’s most-lovable personalities. However, his family’s situation is somewhat contradictory. Some members of his household, are among the most despised by NFL fans, particularly those in the Chiefs Kingdom. Despite this, Mahomes’ wife Brittany had a straightforward response to those who criticized the family.

The Mahomes household has had nothing but luck in the past few months. After years of dating, Mahomes and his partner tied the knot in 2022, and they recently welcomed their second child, Bronze. Additionally, the Grim Reaper and the Kansas City Chiefs became World Champions in Super Bowl LVII.

Patrick Mahomes’ wife calls out for the haters.

Despite so much success, the Mahomes family has remained the target of criticism. However, when faced with detractors, Brittany Mahomes offers a straightforward retort, drawing inspiration from a pillow quote. She posted a photo of the cushion on her Instagram Stories, which reads “Be nice or leave.” The former soccer player does not hold back when any entity voices against her family, as she has an effective response to shut the critics.

Brittany Mahomes does not take kindly to criticism from her family, as evidenced by her response to Joe Rogan when he seemingly fired a dig at the couple’s energy to remain intact after a divorce.

Mrs. Mahomes is fighting for her family’s honor. But Jackson Mahomes messed up big time.

Jackson Mahomes lands on thin ice after indecent behaviour
Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson is no secret to crazy shenanigans. He is the most hated personality among several fan bases for a legitimate reason. But now, he is into more trouble after his disputable antics at a restaurant. Brother Mahomes has recently faced allegations of sexual assault by a restaurant owner and a 19-year-old server.

First recorded by the KC star Aspens Restaurant and Lounge owner is pressing charges against Jackson. The surveillance footage shows a person coming from behind, wrapping the owner in his arms, and forcibly kissing her. The owner claimed it did not happen once but multiple times. The authorities have made no arrests, and Jackson Mahomes’ lawyer spoke up over the scenario.

However, Jackson is yet to comment. Any update would be subject to reporting.


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