Patrick Mahomes’ daughter Sterling might be picking up a new sport – “Shoot it, girl!”

Patrick Mahomes’ daughter Sterling might be picking up a new sport – “Shoot it, girl!”

Growing up with Brittany and Patrick Mahomes, their children are no strangers to sports. Sterling, who turned two this year, seems to enjoy working out with her parents, even if it includes playing around for some time. In fact, Brittany has continued to share Sterling’s progress with followers.

Brittany recently posted a clip of Sterling playing basketball with her and Mahomes.

Brittany tells Sterling to ‘shoot’ the ball, which ends up landing far away from the actual basket, which is a toy one for children. As she (and Patrick Mahomes) miss the shot, the toddler ends up walking closer to the basket before making another try, which she didn’t miss.

Even though the shot doesn’t land, she adds:

“Shoot it, girl,” Brittany encourages

“That was a good shot.”
Both Brittany and Mahomes cheered for their two-year-old as she made the shot.


In another story, Brittany posted adorable snaps of Sterling sleeping on their dog Steel. Patrick Mahomes, who was tagged in the post, shared it by calling the two ‘best friends’.

In fact, last year, Mahomes and Brittany shared a photo of Sterling clinging to Steel after he returned home from surgery.

“Truly her best friend,” Brittany had written.
A year later, Steel and Sterling only seem to have gotten closer.

Patrick Mahomes’ wife almost named her dog ‘Sterling’ instead of her daughter

In a recent Instagram Q&A, the fitness trainer and entrepreneur ended up revealing the story behind her children’s element-based names. Turns out, Brittany had the names planned out for quite some time.

“I got Steel in college and named him that. We then got our second dog and were gonna name her Sterling because it went with Steel perfect.”
She added:

“Then I said no, I want that to be my daughter’s name, so then we came up with Silver to go with Steel. Then daughter came & we were already set on Sterling. Then having a boy and him being Patrick Mahomes III, Bronze was just meant to be and went perfect.”
The Mahomes family’s approach to names is certainly fascinating. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with in the future.


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