Patrick Mahomes has a new MVP trophy: Most Valuable Parent!

While he waits for the new NFL season to begin, Patrick Mahomes enjoys spending time with his loved ones. The two-time Super Bowl champion spent Monday on a golf course teaching his little daughter, Sterling, all the basics of the sport. Then, on Tuesday, he continued his family time with a gym session alongside his wife, Brittany Lynne, and their daughter.

Last Monday, through Brittany’s Instagram stories, Sterling Skye and the Kansas City quarterback were seen sharing a tender moment on the golf course. Patrick Mahomes, with a suitable summer look for the occasion, showed his daughter how to hold the golf clubs and take the respective swing in the putt.

His wife helped her place the ball on the tee. Mahomes’ 6-month-old baby, Patrick “Bronze” Levon, was also part of the adorable scene, although he is still too young for golf lessons.

This Tuesday, Patrick Mahomes demonstrated that he not only stays in shape for the new NFL season but also involves his loved ones in his workouts. During a gym session, Sterling and Brittany were once again seen spending time with him.

“To work with dad,” Patrick’s wife posted on Instagram, along with some photos. One photo shows Skye, with a big smile, hanging from one of the barbells while her mom holds her. Another photo captures her contemplation of her dad’s workout, and a third photo shows her laughing as the Chiefs quarterback lifts her up.

In approximately 100 days, Patrick Mahomes will be back on the field for the opening game of the 2023 NFL season, facing the Detroit Lions in a promising matchup. However, while he waits for the opportunity to win another ring and championship for Kansas City, he can spare a few hours to enjoy the company of his wife and their two babies.


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