Patrick Mahomes Life Partner Brittany Mahomes Lets the World Know Her Latest Workout Secret

Patrick Mahomes Life Partner Brittany Mahomes Lets the World Know Her Latest Workout Secret


Patrick Mahomes Life Partner Brittany Mahomes Lets the World Know Her Latest Workout Secret.The wife of Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes met during their early days in high school and navigated a long-distance relationship while pursuing their respective collegiate athletic careers. Both of them are athletes and are pretty fit. Brittany has been known for her tireless and glamorous workout, which she posts on her social media for her fans. And, recently, she posted one more of her workout videos which stunned fans.


The couple has crafted a beautiful family for themselves and continued protecting their home with all their might. While Patrick Mahomes is on a mission to surpass some of the greats who came before him, his wife Brittany Mahomes has been the captain of the ship home. In addition to being a great mother, Mrs. Mahomes has also been building a fitness empire for herself, and looks like her newest workout buddy is equally committed to the mission.



Fitness with family,When the couple got married, Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes walked down the aisle, but it was the adorable flower girl that stole all eyes. Turns out the flower girl is still at it, occasionally overshadowing even Brittany Mahomes herself.



Recently, Brittany Mahomes took to Instagram to share an instance of her working out, as her two-year-old daughter joins in. Sterling Skye Mahomes has been her mother’s shadow, as Brittany often shares some of the daily mischiefs the young Mahomes indulges in. While Brittany’s love for fitness is well-documented, baby Sterling also appears to have taken a page out of her mother’s book.

Patrick Mahomes is not the only athlete in his house, as his wife Brittany has had a stellar career herself. After graduating from college in 2017, while Patrick went on to join Kansas City Chiefs, Brittany signed with the Icelandic professional soccer team Afturelding/Fram. No wonder Mrs Mahomes turned her attention to creating a name for herself in the fitness world. While Brittany Mahomes has turned into a fitness guru, her struggles as an NFL wife remain intact and frankly, she has been dealing with that head-on.



The struggles of being Brittany Mahomes,Patrick Mahomes is blessed to have a support system as enigmatic as his wife. But even Brittany Mahomes has her fair share of struggles. Her competitive spirit from her playing days has remained intact as Brittany nurtures her “own drive” and hates “being bored.”



Speaking on her decision to start ‘Brittany Lynne Fitness’, she said, “Patrick works his ass off and is at the facility from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day, There’s no excuse for me to be sitting on my butt at home doing nothing or not making a difference in this world or not being successful.”

The mother of two still describes herself as a ‘normal girl’ and believes people have a hard time wrapping their heads around the dynamic she shares with her husband.



With Brittany’s growing platform, the hate has amplified as well. But she is finally in a place where she feels comfortable in her own skin and has her priorities straight.


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