Patrick Mahomes Momma Randi Mahomes Shares Concerning Update Just Hours Before NFL Draft

The upcoming 2023 NFL Draft has many on the edge of their seats, and the mother of Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes is no exception. While Randi Mahomes might not be as nervous as her son’s draft day, there are still a couple of things that do concern her. Recently, Momma Mahomes found herself looking back on the fateful day that Patrick Mahomes got drafted at number 10 by the Chiefs.

With the anticipation around the NFL Draft going off the charts, Randi Mahomes has been spreading the word of caution against a familiar foe. Momma Mahomes has had several past experiences with this particular calamity, and not all of them were pleasant.

Another warning from the Mahomes

Randi Mahomes is all too familiar with tornadoes. She grew up in Texas, and well an average of 132 tornadoes touch Texas soil each year. Even in the later stages of her life, Tornadoes have been following her as her son got drafted by Kansas, another state frequented by tornadoes with an average of 96. Needless to say, Randi Mahomes is constantly on the lookout, and she shared a precautionary warning just hours before the NFL draft.

The 2023 NFL Draft is going to be held in Kansas, and thus Randi Mahomes’ warning must be paid ample attention. While the NFL hasn’t dished out any precautionary measures against the alarming warnings, Randi Mahomes did succeed in bringing people’s attention and has certainly done her part in making them aware.

Back in April 2022, Randi Mahomes somehow missed out on the tornado warnings put out by the National Weather Service and found herself clenching for shelter. Later she took to Twitter to share the devastating experience.

“BLESSED to be home. Mia & I just tried taking cover from a tornado warning at a fast food place who’s lights went out but no one would let us in. My hand is bruised from beating on the door and holding to the brick & my baby girl I’ve never been so scared in my entire life” said Randi Mahomes on Twitter.

A year removed from this, not only has Randi Mahomes been extremely aware of these dreadful calamities but rather does her best to spread the word as well.


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