Patrick Mahomes Mother Drops Emotional Message”Humiliated Is an Understatement

offseason has been a roller coaster ride for Super Bowl LVII winner Patrick Mahomes and his family. Apart from winning the Lombardi trophy, the family has been bravely battling personal problems that have been going on in their lives. From Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson’s controversial allegations to his grandmother falling sick and being admitted to the hospital, it has been a trying time for the family altogether. Especially for his mother, Randi Mahomes. The past few days have been difficult for Randi as she is dealing with an emotional roller coaster ride in her life.

Randi Mahomes has shared yet another emotional cryptic message on social media, which seems to point to another personal issue that she is going through

Randi Mahomes shares her burden with fans online

IN a recent tweet by Randi, it talks about how betrayal is one of the worst things to happen in a person’s life. But it is even more bitter when the betrayal is not from an enemy. She is now putting all her belief and trust in God to guide her through the difficult times she is facing in her life. The tweet seems to indicate the fact that someone close has recently betrayed Randi Mahomes to her circle. While she did not reveal any other info, she seems to trust God’s judgment in how things will shape up for her.

It has been an emotionally trying time in Randi’s life. With her mother Death and the death of her pastor in her church, it’s clear that the added feeling of betrayal may be putting a lot of stress on her emotionally and mentally.

While Randi deals with her personal problems to the best of her capabilities, we see another avid social media user of the Mahomes family after a long hiatus from online life. Brittany Mahomes seems to be making a comeback to social media after what we believe to be a long detox hiatus.

Brittany makes a comeback to social media
The wife of Patrick Mahomes first got fans wondering about her whereabouts when she did not post or tweet anything for 10 days on Twitter. For someone who frequently updates her life online for the fans, they considered it to be a highly unusual behavior for Brittany. Eventually, she then went on to break the 10-day streak by tweeting about the uniforms of the Kansas State Wildcats in the NCAA final eight. In the end, it was something related to sports that brought about her interest back in the social media world.

The Mahomes family shares a strong bond and love for each other. And these difficult times will only bring them closer to each other as they stand for each other through happiness and pain.


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