Patrick Mahomes’ Mother Randi Leaves the NFL World Teary-Eyed by Sharing Her “Pursuit of Happyness” Moment With Adorable Grandchildren

Patrick Mahomes delights mom Randi today with a new special present only he can ever provide

2x Super Bowl champ Patrick Mahomes has a lot to be happy about at this stage of his life, and his mother Randi is one of the biggest reasons behind it. His roots of grit and resilience come from his mother. After all, what more can a mother expect other than her son being the ultimate world champion?

Apart from his professional career, the Chiefs quarterback had great success in his personal life as well in recent times. He married his long-time girlfriend Brittany Mahomes and welcomed his second baby(a boy) into the family. Just like the signal-caller, his mother was overjoyed looking at her family growing and her son flourishing in the world of the NFL.

Randi makes her followers teary-eyed by sharing a video of her grandchildren
Even though the passer might have become the face of Kansas City, Patrick is still a baby to his mom, who recently hosted him at her place. He was accompanied by his entire family, including his wife and kids.
The 47-year-old shared glimpses of those moments on her Instagram. She captioned the post, saying, “My family, my heart, my happiness.” Moreover, a Will Smith-inspired voiceover from “The Pursuit of Happyness” made it even more delightful.

Despite achieving fame and success under the name of her son, Randi loves to make her own decisions. She is an independent woman and a grandmother to two others, Jackson Mahomes and daughter Mia Randall.

After attending college, she started working as an event organizer in Texas. Moreover, she is also engaged in social work by arranging fundraising campaigns for deprived and specially-abled children across Kansas City.

Randi is a proud mom who calls herself the “QB Producer”
Indeed, Randi deserves all the happiness in the world for fostering the importance of sports in her son. As a child, Patrick Mahomes followed the footsteps of his father, Pat, who was an MLB pitcher for a decade.

In high school and college, the Chiefs quarterback happened to be an avid athlete. He pursued several games like Baseball, Basketball, and Football. In his Sophomore year, he had to make a choice and move ahead with a single game.

It was Randi, who encouraged her son to pursue football seriously and focus on his QB skills. Well, the rest is history. From getting selected as the 10th overall pick to winning two championship titles, Patrick’s story is nothing short of a fairytale.

“I am very, very proud. I always say we’re blessed. He’s blessed to be able to do his dream — to live doing exactly what he loves,” Randi Mahomes had said about her QB son in an old interview, per People.


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