Patrick Mahomes’ Net Worth Is Staggering, And His Wife Brittany Seems To Be Enjoying It Too: Here’s The Truth About Their Incredible Lifestyle

From stakes in sports teams to a crazy car collection, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes sure know how to spend their vast fortune.Patrick Mahomes is expected to be the highest-paid QB in history. While, as of this writing, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback’s salary has yet to be adjusted. But given his swift rise to stardom on the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s almost entirely confirmed.

The record-breaking contract would almost certainly impress Mahomes’ younger self, who attended Whitehouse High School in Texas, where played football, baseball, and basketball. Mahomes believes that training in pitching and playing basketball sharpened his skills as a QB.


Of course, Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany (nee: Matthews), is also a star in her own right. Although not always for the best reasons. After all, Brittany was notoriously locked in a feud with Joe Rogan. According to Marca, she too was an athlete in high school and college but has become an entrepreneur and fitness trainer in recent years. And, without a doubt, Brittany is always by her husband’s side.

The two of them have been with each other for over a decade now and are happily married, and they also have welcomed two kids into the world. Here’s everything to know about their marriage and family life, and just how they spend Patrick Mahomes’ football millions.

What Is Patrick And Brittany Mahomes’ Net Worth?


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Patrick Mahomes currently has a net worth of $30 million. However, per ESPN, Mahomes signed a 2019 contract of $500 million that will continue to supplement him over the next 7 years.

NFL contracts are such an interesting topic, especially given the recent news regarding star QBs Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts. NFL contracts are agreements between NFL players and their respective teams. These contracts are usually multi-year deals that include a signing bonus, base salary, and incentives. The NFL’s salary cap is determined by the league and is based on the league’s revenue. The NFL has a hard salary cap, which means that teams cannot exceed the salary cap under any circumstances.


Most quarterbacks don’t get a lot of guaranteed money due to things such as injuries, but according to Sportskeeda, Mahomes has over $450 million guaranteed, which is a record-breaking number.

Patrick And Brittany Mahomes’ Lavish Hawaiian Wedding

According to the New York Post, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes got married on March 12, 2022, in Hawaii. The couple exchanged their vows in a lavish ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Both of them shared some photos from the wedding on her Instagram account, and of course, brother Jackson Mahomes posted some videos on TikTok.

Some of Mahomes’ teammates attended the event and left with gift bags consisting of Coors Lights and snacks. Sounds about right for a wedding involving a football player.

What Houses Do Patrick And Brittany Mahomes Own?


Patrick and Brittany Mahomes Pose for Sunny Family Photo with Daughter Sterling and Baby Bronze

Anybody who has a net worth of $30 million is expected to have the most outlandish, expensive homes on the market, While Patrick Mahomes’ homes are nice, he’s definitely smart with his money and lives somewhat frugally.


Patrick Mahomes' other secret talent: Real estate

According to the Kansas City Star, the Mahomes family has two houses in Kansas City. One of them is a $2 million home in Mission Hills, Kansas. The other one is a $2 million home in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza. There aren’t many details about either place, and that’s expected as Mahomes does keep his personal life mostly private.

Inside Patrick And Brittany Mahomes’s Epic Car Collection


Just like with property, most multi-millionaires are expected to splurge on a nice car collection.

According to Sportskeeda, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes seemingly enjoys cars and over the years have gathered a small but nice collection of high-end sports cars. His collection consists of vehicles including a Ferrari 812 Superfast, a Lamborghini Urus SUV, and a white Rolls Royce Cullinan.

It’s unknown if Brittany has any cars for herself, but considering Patrick’s collection, she has some nice cars

to choose from.

How Much Do Patrick And Brittany Mahomes Spend On Clothes?

On Sundays in the winter, Patrick Mahomes can be seen wearing a bright red jersey with his name on it. At this point, his look has become iconic to sports fans. But what does he wear off the field?

According to Huffington Post, Mahomes really likes to wear polo shirts. He has also been seen wearing a black suit with loose-fitting pants, and a white collarless shirt. Of course, he rarely goes out in public without his signature sunglasses and chains.


Brittany Mahomes Just Shared a Seriously Heartwarming Video of Sterling & Bronze Twinning in Sunglasses

On the other hand, Brittany Mahomes was recently seen wearing a pink hat with white flowers and feathers on the side at the Kentucky Derby 2023. She also carried a Chanel handbag worth $6,200, not the first time she’s been seen holding high-end bags. She’s far from the only A-list star to use Chanel products.

Does Patrick Mahomes Really Own The Kansas City Royals?

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America, with iconic SNL sketches being based around America’s favorite past time. The sport has played an integral role in Patrick Mahomes’ life. According to ESPN, he’s continued his love of the sport by becoming part-owner of the Kansas City Royals. He joined the ownership group in July 2020.


Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Blamed for NFL’s QB Stalemate: ‘Pissed Me Off’

It’s unknown how much he’s spent on the team, but the news broke immediately after the announcement of his record-breaking contract. Fellow superstar LeBron James has also purchased a stake in the Boston Red Sox.

Does Patrick Mahomes Really Own The Kansas City Current?

A few years after buying part of the Royals, Mahomes has extended his ownership status by adding a new team to his collection. According to the Kansas City Current’s own website, Mahomes bought a stake in the team early in 2023. Given Brittany’s love of soccer, this definitely makes sense.

Does Patrick Mahomes Own A Burger Chain?

After winning each Super Bowl against the 49ers and Eagles, Mahomes coach Andy Reid has famously celebrated by eating cheeseburgers. It turns out, that passion for burgers has spread to his players, as Mahomes has actually bought an entire fast food chain based on America’s most famous platter.

According to Sports Illustrated, Mahomes has purchased a chain of What-a-Burger’s, bringing them to Kansas City. Mahomes joined the ownership group in March 2021 and has been promoting the chain on his social media accounts. He also has a Whataburger meal named after him called the “Patrick Mahomes Meal” which includes a customized burger of Mahomes’s liking, fries, and a drink.


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