Patrick Mahomes secretly owns a Batmobile Limousine worth $4.2 million (pictures)

What kind of car does Patrick Mahomes drive? All you need to know about Chiefs star’s garage

Patrick Mahomes is currently one of the richest players in the NFL. Much of his wealth was the result of his mega contract with the Kansas City Chiefs.

He signed a massive 10-year contract extension worth a whopping $450 million in 2020. This brought his total contract value to $503 million over 12 years when combined with his previous deal.

The contract has the most total money in it for any individual in NFL history. It’s also the largest-ever deal in American sports history and the second-highest across sports. The legendary Lionel Messi is the only athlete to sign a larger contract than Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes has put his money to work making many potentially profitable investments.

He signed on as a partner with several companies, including Whoop, Hyperice, and Whataburger. He has also purchased ownership stakes in the Sporting Kansas City soccer team from the MLS and the Kansas City Royals baseball team in the MLB.While Patrick Mahomes has been business-minded with his wealth, he also enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. He has a collection of expensive watches, an extensively fashionable wardrobe, and an impressive portfolio of real estate, among other things. A few of his most notable expenses have been on his extravagant luxury cars.

Here are four of the most expensive cars he currently owns.
#4 Genesis G70 – $42,000

#3 Lamborghini Urus – $222,000

#2 Rolls Royce Cullinan – $335,000

#1 Ferrari 812 Superfast – $338,000


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