Patrick Mahomes- the ultimate dad right now. Patrick Mahomes brought along three bubble guns to shoot. And Sterling had no way out.

2023 brought along its fair share of surprises for the Mahomes. Good and bad, both. Patrick Mahomes won his second Super Bowl. And two months later he lost his grandmother. However, while the mourning still carries on, things seem to be taking a cheerful turn gradually. All thanks to the ever-smiling Sterling Skye Mahomes, the quarterback’s two-year-old daughter. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Patrick and his wife Brittany, who were responsible for Sterling grinning ear-to-ear.

Patrick and Brittany’s second child, son Bronze, was nowhere near. Born late last year, Bronze will certainly need more time before his parents allow him to play with bubbles. Furthermore, the family was also seen celebrating Easter together.

The entire family was present for the Easter celebrations
Bronze finally got his family get-together invitation as the Mahomes celebrated Easter this week and posted pictures of the celebration. Patrick and Brittany, who met in high school, wore color-coordinated orange and dressed the kids similarly. “Happy Easter,” Brittany captioned the family portrait on Instagram.


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