Patrick Mahomes Wife Brittany Captures Beautiful Videos Of Family Unity After Rough Few Weeks For Mahomes Clan

The Mahomes clan has been going through a hard time lately. While the Patrick Mahomes-led victory in the Super Bowl would’ve made for a celebration that made their whole year, the Mahomes clan suffered a terrible loss. The family lost their beloved matriarch, Debbie Bates Martin. Debbie, the mother of Randi Mahomes, passed away due to some health complications. The whole family was devastated at the loss.

However, during this tumultuous time, Mahomes’ wife, showcased unity in the family. Brittany took to social media to let the world know of the strength their family possesses. As she shared some beautiful videos on Instagram, she displayed the love the family has for each other during such a hard time.

The beauty of the Mahomes’ next generation

Brittany took to Instagram to share a string of adorable videos of her and her husband enjoying family time with their children. The star of the videos was undoubtedly Sterling as the family took a small outing. Brittany shared videos of her and Mahomes heading out near a small body of water with their children. The family looked like they were relaxing with each other in the serene sun. Brittany’s multiple captures showcased what looked like the picture-perfect family outing. Furthermore, she ended her barrage of videos with a picture of her and Bronze.

The family as a whole seems to be coping well after suffering such a sad loss. The whole family has been going about grieving in what appears to be a healthy manner.

Even Mahomes himself might just be channeling his grief in a positive manner. Just a few days after the loss of his grandmother, Mahomes took to Instagram to share a video of him going at it in practice.

Patrick Mahomes: The resilient champion

All in all, the whole family seems to be taking the loss they’ve suffered in a healthy manner. While the grief of losing a family member doesn’t disappear overnight, one finds solace in the company of their family. And it seems like the Mahomes find peace with each other and the time they spend together.


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