Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Mahomes Breaks Mysterious Absence With a Four-Word Message

Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Mahomes Breaks Mysterious Absence With a Four-Word Message

Super Bowl winner Patrick Mahomes‘ wife Brittany is renowned for her active presence on social media sites. It is her way of connecting with the world and her vast fanbase. However, her sudden disappearance from the bustling world of Twitter for the past ten days has been a topic of intense speculation among fans. In a move that halts every rumor in its infancy, Brittany made her comeback. And only something related to the world of sports managed to bring her back to the Twitter timeline. The wife of Patrick Mahomes has broken her mysterious absence from Twitter with a four-word message. And hidden in it is a compliment for the Kansas State basketball team that suffered a heartbreak on Saturday.

Brittany doesn’t take long to interact with the fans on social media normally. But she may be excused as it is offseason time and she is busy enjoying it with the Kansas City Chiefs QB.

Brittany Mahomes breaks her Twitter silence

After 10 long days of absence from Twitter, fans finally heard something from Brittany Mahomes. It was a four-word message directed towards the Kansas State Wildcats who battled it out in the NCAA final eight. It seems like Brittany loved the clean uniforms of the Wildcats.

The frequency by which Brittany interacts with the fans on social media has gone down a notch. While she remained silent on Twitter, her occasional stories on Instagram kept the fans somewhat updated on what she and her husband Patrick Mahomes are upto.

Brittany recently shared some snaps on her Instagram stories where the Chiefs QB helped her out in some household chores. The couple is spending ample time with each other and their children in the offseason. They know that this time is limited and soon, Patrick will return to football for another grueling season of the NFL.

But even so, sports are an integral part of every American household. And the Mahomes family is already into everything sports. A little taste of March Madness prompted a response from the Super Bowl champion Mahomes a few days ago. This time, it was Brittany’s turn to speak her mind on social media.

A heartbreaking taste of March Madness

The Wildcats took on the Florida Atlantic Owls in the last eight clash of the NCAA basketball tournament. With a place in the final four on the line, both teams played a close game. But it had to end in heartbreak for one side. And unfortunately, that side was Kansas.

The number nine Owls beat the number three Wildcats in a thrilling encounter. The game ended with a 79-76 scoreline, which only underlines how close it was. But the Owls, chasing their first ever NCAA title in program history, were hungrier and took the game in the end. They are going to the final four as the lowest seeded team this season.

So, in the end, Brittany Mahomes and the Kansas fans suffered a heartbreak. But now that she is not missing from Twitter anymore, fans will love to hear more from the wife of their beloved QB Patrick Mahomes.


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