Prince Harry risks Meghan Markle’s wrath in bid to repair bond with Kate Middleton

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton are reportedly back in contact. Prince Harry, Kate Midddleton have been caught in a “sensitive” situation amid the latter’s health crisis.

A source told Closer magazine the Duke of Sussex has been in touch with his estranged sister-in-law ever since the world learnt about her diagnosis with an undisclosed form of cancer.

“Harry has been in touch with Kate several times since she came home from hospital, sending notes of encouragement and support via text as well as calling her from time-to-time to check-in,” they explained. “Kate is being warm and welcoming towards him and she’s made it clear that she’s happy they are back in touch.”

However, the insider dubbed it a sensitive situation, owing to Harry’s wife Meghan Markle’s attitude towards reconciliation with the royal family.

They also pointed out the Spare author’s difficult relationship with older brother Prince William

The source claimed: “Of course, he’s very mindful that it’s a sensitive situation given the difficult relationship he has with William at the moment, not to mention the ongoing issues he and Meghan have with The Firm as a whole.”

Princess Kate went public with her health scare after suspicions about her whereabouts gained witchhunt among internet users and media last month.

Harry and Meghan Markle shortly released a public statement following her announcement, wishing “health and healing” for the princess.

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