Promising Joe Burrow Set to Chase $450 Million Patrick Mahomes and $230 Million Controversial QB’s Shadows

Promising Joe Burrow Set to Chase $450 Million Patrick Mahomes and $230 Million Controversial QB’s Shadows

QBs are probably the most important part of the puzzles to take any team to the Championship in the NFL. And for this reason, franchises are regularly thinking of new ways to keep their most prized possession on their side. In the realm of football contracts, an unprecedented concept is taking shape. Joe Burrow, the skilled quarterback, may be offered a game-changing agreement. Mike Florio suggests two ideal candidates for Cincinnati Bengals for this innovative arrangement including Burrow.

This innovative approach aims to maintain a fair distribution of funds for a well-rounded team. The Cincinnati Bengals’ owner, Mike Brown, could be the one bold enough to adopt this new strategy. Therefore, Burrow is gearing up to chase the enormous contracts of $450 million earned by Patrick Mahomes and $230 million earned by a controversial quarterback Deshaun Watson, all while striving to emerge from their shadows.
Innovation in Joe Burrow’s contract

According to Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk, there’s a potential for a new kind of contract for Joe Burrow, the quarterback. This contract would differ from anything seen before. Florio mentioned, one possibility is for Burrow to receive a percentage of the salary cap. The salary cap refers to the maximum amount that a team can spend on player salaries during a season.

During an appearance on the Pat McAfee show, Mike Florio stated, “One of these guys is gonna get a deal that pays him a percentage of the salary cap and that’s fair..that’s the way to do it. We talk about leaving enough money aside for the rest of the team…if anybody’s gonna do it, it’s gonna be Joe Burrow. And if any owner is going to do it, it’s gonna be Mike Brown. He’s been that contrarian that does things the league doesn’t want him to do.”

The main purpose of this unique contract structure is to ensure that there’s enough money left to assemble a well-rounded team and sign other skilled players. By allocating a percentage of the salary cap to Burrow, the team can maintain a balanced roster. Florio specifically believes that if any player were to receive such a contract, it would likely be Joe Burrow, given his potential value to the team. Additionally, if any team owner were willing to adopt this approach, Florio points to Mike Brown, the owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, as a likely candidate. Brown has a history of going against the league’s norms and making unconventional decisions.

Joe Burrow has played a crucial part in leading the Bengals to consecutive AFC championship games and has become one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Now, as he enters the last year of his initial four-year contract, which is valued at $36 million, talks have started regarding his next agreement. One idea that has been brought up is a contract that compensates him based on a portion of the league’s salary cap.

Promising Joe Burrow Set to Chase $450 Million Patrick Mahomes and $230 Million Controversial QB’s Shadows

This approach would be seen as fair compensation for Burrow’s exceptional talent and contributions to the team. Additionally, it would allow the Bengals to maintain some financial flexibility in assembling the rest of their roster. Also, if Burrow manages to sign a similar contract to Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson, who make over $45 million every year, he could register his name as the highest salary player in the entire league. The negotiations surrounding Burrow’s contract are expected to be captivating, and they will undoubtedly be one of the most intriguing stories to follow in 2023.

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