Queen Camilla MENTION 3 REASON WHY SHE really hate Meghan Markle AFTER her coronation ?

Queen Camilla MENTION 3 REASON WHY SHE really hate Meghan Markle AFTER her coronation ?

A new biography titled “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Future Queen Consort” reveals everything.

Soon, a brand-new biography of Queen Camilla will be released. The biography “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Future Queen Consort” by Angela Levin recounts the journey of the royal who just succeeded Queen Elizabeth II as queen consort.

The author, Angela Levin, ” uncovers Camilla’s rocky journey to be accepted by the royal family,” according to the book’s summary on the Barnes & Noble website. “Most of all, Levin tells the story of how [Camilla] has changed from a fun-loving young woman to one of the senior royals’ hardest workers.”

This is not the only upcoming book that claims to spill royal secrets. The impending memoir from Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, will also likely reveal numerous information about Camilla that the royal family should be concerned about.


The source continued, “Understandably, he found those early years incredibly difficult, and he might publicly blame Camilla for much of what he believes went wrong in his childhood, and the trauma the whole situation caused.” According to a royal insider, Harry is fiercely loyal to and protective of his late mother and her legacy.


Camilla’s biography could potentially make things even more awkward between her and her stepson-in-law as her biographer really dislikes Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

Camilla’s biographer really dislikes Meghan Markle

Although Angela Levin has long been outspoken about her distaste for Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, she was recently reprimanded for it. She was criticized for her assaults on Meghan on the U.K.’s “TalkTV” when host Vanessa Feltz retaliated after Levin said Meghan was “unfit” for the royal family.

After some back and forth, Feltz retorted, ” Do you feel any guilt that you have been responsible for fuelling a kind of anti-Meghan faction that has been spiteful and targeting, and possibly fanciful as well? I mean, quite a lot of what has been said about her has been pretty much manufactured anyway.” Levin responded, “I don’t have to justify myself to you. I’m not in court.”


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An image of one of Angela Levin’s tweets that reads, ” Is Harry going to show his comic side by copying Meghan and show he too can eat like a chimp and drink from a baby’s bottle? Any playfulness and cracking jokes is hardly compatible when promoting a memoir that rumour says will attack his family.” was posted by Bot Sentinel CEO Christopher Bouzy after the heated exchange.

The biographer of Queen Camilla made it clear just how much she despises Meghan Markle in her article. Will that have any effect on the Queen’s biography?


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