Randi Mahomes’ Net Worth: How Much Has Patrick Mahomes’ Mother Earned Thus Far?

Patrick Mahomes, the leading quarterback of Kansas City Chiefs is one of the best in the business. Mahomes is a super talented QB who recently won his second Super Bowl ring. It was because of his sheer passion and insane ability to make play out of nowhere that the number 15 ended up signing a half-billion dollar deal with K.C.

One person who always stood by Patrick like a pillar is his mom Randi. The Mahomes are a tight-knit family and enjoy each other’s company. Many a times, Randi has claimed in interviews that her kids, Patrick, Jackson, and Mia, are blessings to her.

Who is Patrick Mahomes’ mother Randi Martin?
Randi was born in Tyler, Texas, on January 18, 1972. Her father was a school principal who wanted his children to do well academically. Hence, her academic performance was good when she graduated from Texas High School. In the late ’90s, she married Patrick Mahomes Sr. and gave birth to her oldest son, Patrick Mahomes, on September 17, 1995.

Pat Sr. and Randi were always supportive of their son’s QB career. However, Randi also made sure that Patrick did well academically as well. When it was time to decide if Patrick should go for the MLB Draft or take a college football scholarship, she helped her son make the right decision.

Though she never revealed what she does for a living, according to various sources, she works as an event organizer in Tyler, Texas. Her interest lies in doing good for her community. Once on her birthday, she coordinated a fundraising event for Variety KC. According to its website; the charity wants to offer resources for kids with exceptional needs.


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