“She is not just smart but also gifted “Brittany Matthews said and shows off daughter Sterling on Instagram practicing

There’s nothing like being proud and celebrating your children’s triumphs, and that’s exactly what Patrick Mahomes is doing right now with his 2-year-old baby. Patrick Mahomes’ 2-year-old daughter has quarterback genes in her blood… and, clearly, the youngster has some hoop genes too, because she’s already dunking

Brittany Mahomes shared a video of baby Sterling accomplishing the feat Thursday morning, and it’s adorable (and impressive!).

Sterling Mahomes is already playing basketball
In the clip, you can see Sterling walk to the hoop and shoot it with ease. Sterling walked away after scoring the basket, but after Brittany encouraged her to shoot it again? Sterling put home another rim-rattler!

Mom loved it: she cheered Sterling on the whole time…and even tagged Patrick to let Dad know that her baby’s athleticism is improving.

Sterling should have a partner to throw some balloons at him in the very near future..


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