Simone Biles And Jonathan Owens :We need your prayers as our wedding day is fast approaching.

The sports community awaits the greatest wedding this year. Preparations for the grand Biles-Owens Day have been going on for over a year now, with Simone Biles occasionally sharing details over time. Fans are imploding with anticipation while the star couple steadily paces toward the final date. Even though the official timeline is yet to be announced, the athlete recently shared an interesting detail about her big day.

In a recent Instagram story, the gymnastics ace revealed that their wedding is definitely going be to an opulent destination ceremony. However, the exact location remains undetermined. With a pin emoji, popularly used for pinning locations, she has left fans wondering. Here’s what she said.

Simone Biles leaks exciting fact about her wedding

In a series of updates, the 26-year-old champion shed light on a range of subjects, upon the fans’ demand. Hours ago, she posted a captivating still of her and her fiance, Jonathan Owens alongside Instagram’s AMA feature. Wisely utilizing the opportunity, fans let loose and put in their most inquisitive queries. A question pondered upon their wedding location, speculating it to be Belize, where the icon’s bachelorette party took place in February. “Is your wedding in Belize,” it asked.

With a brief reply, Biles stated, “we are having a destination wedding,” while the impressive picture in the backdrop caught everyone’s eye. However, the final date and destination of the wedding are yet to be declared. Evidently, her fans can’t think of anything else and are probably, racking their brains on the probable location. Additionally, another fan went right past their wedding day and enquired about their honeymoon.

The Olympian star shared that they’ll be opting for a brief getaway ahead of Owens’s NFL commitments and do the actual honeymoon later. “We’ll do a mini moon first, because of football season. So next year & bora bora,” the 4’8” gymnast revealed. Furthermore, a subsequent update hinted at the athlete’s NFL concerns for her fiance.

As per the social media update, a fan questioned if Owens is going to continue playing for his current team, Houston Texans, next year. Hence, Biles explicitly pointed out the indefinite scenario of the NFL and wrote, “he’s a free agent so we’ll see. You never know what will happen in the NFL.”

However, the question stirred up Biles’s concerns on the matter and disclosed that this aspect makes her anxious. But, that’s not the case with the player in question. As she revealed, Owens is “all cool, calm & collected” about it. The power couple is soon to tie the knot and vow to spend the rest of their lives together. This union shall be an endearing moment for the sports community, witnessing two athletic greats being bound in holy matrimony. How soon do you think the wedding is and what are your guesses about the destination? Let us know in the comments


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