Simone Biles shares how much she spent on her Amazon wedding dress and goes viral

Simone Biles has been hearing church bells as she married Jonathan Owens in an intimate ceremony in Texas and made headlines due to her wedding attire as she decided to break the internet and buy her wedding dress on Amazon.

Simone Biles did not spend much money on her wedding attire
Biles wore a stunning white dress with a halter neckline and mentioned that she did not hesitate to be practical and make Amazon her one-stop-shop “Everything was ordered this week… Dress, wedding rings, shoes, bouquet,” she elaborated.

On her Instagram stories, she mentioned that her dress was not as expected as they normally are; Biles confessed that she only spent $120

Simone Biles’ wedding dress was only $120
Simone Biles also made public that she only spent $58 dollars on her Pretty Little Thing; however, she said that it was not the best idea as the gymnast said on social media that they were “very uncomfortable” shoes.

The bride combed her hair in a simple but classy high ponytail, however, social media was not very kind to her as many people believed her style was too “sloppy”. Fortunately, Bile was completely unbothered by criticism.


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