Simone Biles’ statement island is tapping into the latest kitchen trends – experts explain why

Olympic medallist Simone Biles’ is a force in international gyms – but we’re taking design notes from her Houston mansion – most specifically, her kitchen.

The gymnast’s all-white kitchen offers much to be applauded – from her color-drenched walls and cabinets to her herringbone tiles and trio of chandeliers that add immediate interest to the space. However, if we had to pick one stand-out feature, we’d say her kitchen island comes out on top – for reasons that are more than aesthetic.

With its sleek monochromatic chairs, veined marble, and curated accessories (we’re looking at that vase, particularly), there’s no denying that her island is good looking – but for Simone, her island is equally functional – as she appears to use the space as a dining spot, too. And this hasn’t gone unnoticed by experts, including H&G’s Global Editor in Chief, Lucy Searle.

It’s no secret that kitchen islands are, above all, functional – but Simone has reminded us of another way to use this centerpiece – and that’s as a dining table,’ Lucy says.

‘Of course, we expect that Simone has a designated dining room somewhere in her mansion, but there will always be something so welcoming and homey about the informality of sitting amid the kitchen’s buzz. In the right circumstances, an island can be more sociable – and in all circumstances, it acts as a reminder that the kitchen is the eternal centerpiece of a home.

‘However, I can pick up another kitchen trend that Simone is hitting here, and that’s the curved kitchen island. These are gaining popularity because they knock the hard edges off the design, saving floor space, plus they make the seating more sociable still.’

And bespoke kitchen designer, Tom Howley, agrees. He says that islands are ‘replacing tables’ as the focal point in modern kitchens – but this is no surprise – considering their versatile benefits. ‘They’re a functional, stylish central feature that act as a space to prep and cook food, eat, drink, and socialize.’


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