Simone Biles stuns in green swimsuit after Jonathan Owens’ Packers move

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are a dream couple. Wowing fans with their elaborate wedding celebrations, Simone and Owens had two ceremonies: One at home, and one international. However, their wedding seems to have brought them luck, with Owens signing with the Green Bay Packers.

Like any spouse, Biles was beyond supportive of her husband. In fact, the four-time Olympic gold medalist even posted a new ‘wifestyle’ photo in Packers colors.

“It’s a wifestyle”

Her followers and friends were just as impressed with her caption, stating that they would be stealing her it. Married a few weeks ago, Biles has been sharing her wedding process and events non stop.

Of course, she had to celebrate Owens’ signing.

“Slight wedding content intermission to say GO PACK GO 🧀🤭💛 so proud of you baby! here’s to new beginnings! year 6! LFG!”

A free agent, Owens signed a contract with the Packers after a four seasons with the Houston Texans. Along with a photo of Owens while he signed the contract, Biles shared a photo of them standing right in the middle of the Lambeau Field.

Furthermore, the couple even dressed in green colors to celebrate their new team. Considering Biles’ new post, green might just be their new favorite color.
Jonathan Owens can’t stop gushing over his wife Simone Biles

It’s safe to say that both Biles and Owens couldn’t wait to get married.

In a clip shared by AP, the NFL star spoke about Biles and her inspiring nature. After all, Biles is a Olympic gold medalist who is known for her success and determination.

Owens said:

“Just watching her and how she worked every day going into the Olympics — her focus and her drive — it just makes you want to get up and do something because your partner is doing that”.

Apparently, Owens also hadn’t really heard of Simone Biles before they met through a dating app. Furthermore, he also hadn’t paid much attention to her journey before they got together.

Now, however, he knows ‘everything she had been through’. Interestingly, Owens learned about the Packers deal during the week of his wedding.

“I kind of knew I was going to be coming here. It was just like the perfect wedding gift, I guess you could say. As soon as we got back from our short honeymoon, I came right here. Had to get to work”


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