Simone Got Hella Abs”: Simone Biles’ Toned Body Leaves Sports World Drooling

Four-time Olympic gold medalist, Simone Biles has worked hard immensely to achieve massive success in her athletic career. The gymnast works out seven hours a day to maintain a body that enables her to perform exceptionally. Recently, the sports world caught the attention of a drooling aspect of Biles toned body in her latest wedding pictures.

On May 14, husband Jonathan Owens shared a throwback picture of their grand beach wedding celebration in Mexico on Instagram. Amidst the several unseen photographs from last week, fans got hooked to a frame that majestically highlighted the gymnast’s sculpted abs. Let’s take a look!
Simone Biles’s chiseled abs look unbelievable


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In his latest Instagram post, Jonathan Owens shared a few snaps of him and Biles chilling by the pool in Cabo San Lucas. In one of the frames, the NFL player was seen walking holding hands with his wife Simone Biles. While he donned a casual white t-shirt and a pair of orange shorts, the gymnast wore a white bikini with a flowy shrug.

Besides the adorably happy frame, Biles’s sculpted abs stole all the attention. Her six-pack muscular abs peeped out from her body, indicating her dedication to fitness. Moreover, in another frame, Biles flaunted her perfectly toned arms while posing with her husband and parents.


Nevertheless, fans were immediately drawn to her abs. Drooling over it, they complimented the gymnast for staying fit besides getting married.
Fans can’t take their eyes off Simone Biles

While congratulatory wishes poured in for Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens, fans could not resist the gymnast’s eye-popping abs, “It’s the ABS for me… Hot Damn!!!! She’s fit as heck…. Congratulations again Mr. and Mrs. J. Owens” Not just her abs, Simone also has maintained a completely toned body. Hence, another fan wrote, “Congratulations!!! Come on ABS!!! BODY!!! Love it!! Love y’all!!”


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Moreover, someone wrote a quirky comment combining Simone’s marriage and abs, “God bless Mrs. ABS ❤️”

Some fans wrote that the gymnast’s abs completely stole their attention, “The abs got my attention ❤️❤️😀” and “Simone got hella ABS 😂😂”

A fan expressed that Biles has maintained her physique quite unbelievably for an athlete, “Whoa GOT DAMN @simonebiles abs are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS ‼️ ❤️❤️❤️ I know ur an athlete but GEESH‼️‼️”


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It’s commendable how Simone Biles made no compromises with her fitness while preparing for her much-awaited wedding for nearly a year. With her staggering dedication level, it seems like the gymnast is set to make her grand gymnastic comeback in the Olympics 2024.


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