Star Brittany Mahomes Shares Adorable Videos of Daughter Sterling at the gym with her….

Brittany Mahomes showed off how much her little girl, who turns 2 next month, idolizes her dad, Patrick Mahomes

Brittany Matthews has her sights set on keeping up with her dad.

On Wednesday, Brittany Mahomes shared pictures of her 23-month-old carefully watching and imitating dad Patrick Mahomes in the gym. The toddler, dressed in a rose pink sweatsuit, grabbed onto tiny hot pink weights and held one in each hand as she followed his lead.

If it’s one thing she loves to do, it’s watch her daddy,” the new mom of two wrote, tagging her husband.

The next photo shows the toddler from the front, watching something in the distance with a big white bow in her hair, holding one weight in each hand.

Sterling can then be seen standing in front of a chair, playing with what appears to be a timer, with a little smile on her face.

Sterling has been on big sister duties ever since the couple welcomed 8-week-old son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, something that Brittany has expressed joy over watching.

Alongside a carousel of photos featuring Sterling posing with the pair from the family’s maternity photoshoot, Brittany, 27, penned a sweet note about her daughter in the caption.

“Just a little emotional today thinking about how blessed I am and how proud of this little angel I am,” she wrote. “She has been doing so good as a big sister. She loves her brother so much & has been just the best little helper!!”

She continued, “I felt like so many people were trying to put this negative idea of how much she was gonna hate not being the only child into my head & it was kind of starting to upset me….”

If you are a new mom, or about to become a mama of multiple kiddos, just know everyone’s story is different & don’t let other people’s ideas get to you!” she concluded. “It’s your family & your own journey. It will all work out, stay positive and enjoy every second of it🙏🏼🤍.”

Brittany has enjoyed dressing the siblings in matching outfits throughout the season, as seen on her Instagram Story Sunday, where the pair were dressed in their Kansas City Chiefs gear to cheer on their dad ahead of the team’s most recent playoff win.

The Kansas City Current co-owner posed on the sidelines with Sterling as the toddler wore a red sweatsuit with “Daddy 15” on the front. The newly-minted big sister had red and gold bows in her hair.

“My heart❤️🤍,” she captioned the post, later sharing even more snaps to her Instagram Story.

One of her additional posts showed that son Bronze was wearing a miniature version of Sterling’s outfit.

“Bubs matched too 🥹❤️,” she captioned the sweet photo, which cut off before revealing the infant’s face.


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