Too Cute! Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes shows off new puppy (photos)

OMG! Patrick Mahomes puppy is too adorable!

The Kansas City Chiefs’ superstar showed off the newest (and possibly cutest) member of the Mahomes family on Instagram. Not his Instagram, mind you, the one for his current four-legged friend, Steel.

Just my dad telling me HE WON MVP & that IM GONNA BE A BIG BROTHER,” the post, which showed Mahomes looking like he’s talking to Steel, read.

In the other pic, the new pupper’s looking up at the camera – already sporting a Chiefs bandana!

And, with three days to go until the AFC Championship game, the now-bigger Mahomes family will find out if they will be celebrating a trip to the Super Bowl too. You can see it Sunday at 5:40 p.m., right here on WIBW-TV. We’re betting Steel and his little brother will be watching!


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